3 Basic Troubleshooting Tips to Check Your Air Conditioner Unit

Troubleshooting Tips to Check Your Air Conditioner Unit

On a hot summer day, the last thing that you will want is a fault in your air conditioner. Since global warming and lack of forestry has compelled lots of people to use the air conditioner at offices and home. But at certain times when repairing services are not readily available, and your air conditioner has stopped working we can give you three essential troubleshooting tips to check your AC unit.

If you will follow our tips and tricks, there is a big chance of getting your air conditioner back to work, but of course, you can still consult our office location here. For now, here are a few tips to check your AC unit.

1. Dirty Air Filter

For an AC, it is reasonable to have a dirty air filter because the inside of the unit of an air conditioner sucks in the air which may carry dirt. It will block the passage of cold air towards the fins of the internal unit thus reducing the cooling to a minimal level. The easy way is first to wash it thoroughly to clear the pores. It will result in the high efficiency of the indoor unit and cooling will be enhanced. Regular yearly service and maintenance are necessary to avoid these minor hiccups. High summer temperature and hot air leakage inside the room also affects the cooling of the AC unit. But if the problem persists, move on to the next tip.

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2. Checking condenser

AC usually faces a startup issue where compressor in outdoor until stops working. In this situation, a small condenser unit fitted at a side of the compressor needs to be replaced. To confirm whether condenser is working or not, all you have to do is to lower the thermostat settings by four to five units. If cooling does not increase or compressor start sound is not present in an outdoor unit, you have to unscrew the three nuts that hold the condenser in its place and have to replace this unit. If the problem still exists in your ac, you can always move on to the third troubleshooting tip. It is also better to call a repair guy of ac in Houston.

3. Minor Detailing

Check the following points to ensure proper working of your AC this summer.

  • Check whether there are plants nearby the outer unit of an air conditioner. Some houses have dense plantation which causes blockage of air and thus reducing ventilation
  • Make sure that all fuses are working correctly and the AC power unit is active.
  • Clean the water drainage pipe to ensure the proper passage of excess water.
  • Do the proper maintenance and yearly service of an air conditioner.
  • Check the thermostat of the air conditioner for its proper working.
  • Check for appropriate window covering when the outside temperature is high.

We are very hopeful that the tips mentioned above and tricks will surely help you in regaining the proper working of your air conditioning unit this summer. If you still need information about the functioning and maintenance of your AC, you can visit our website.

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