4 Good Reasons To Get A Pool

There are many things in life that might make us happy and there are others that we know will make us happy. One of those things that will definitely make us happy is having your own swimming pool. Whether it’s inside or outside the very thought of diving into a pool just after I have woken up or on a hot day, brings tingles to my body. People say what would you want a pool, it’s expensive to build, expensive to run and maintain and you’ll just get bored with it after a while and stop using it.  There are many good reasons to have a pool and here are some of the best ones.


  1. Holiday At Home – Having your own pool means you don’t have to travel to be in one. Most people only experience pools when they go on holidays and it is seen as a once or twice a year activity. Increasingly, more and more families are staying at home due to the costs of going away. When a family goes on holidays, the amount of money spent on meals and drinks alone is huge, so why not just stay at home and create your holiday there. There’s no packing and all the foods that you like are right there in your fridge.
  2. Bonding Time – Once you have a pool, you can be sure that it will bring your family closer together. It replaces the kitchen as the place to meet and you will find your kids and your partner will be wanting to be in the pool all the time. There’s no better feeling than your daughter or son taking your hand and saying, ‘come on, let’s go play in the pool together.’ In this day of mobile phones and kids constantly surfing the internet, a swimming pool acts as a great distraction from all of this.
  3. Keeping Fit – A swimming pool will surely allow you to get fit and stay fit and it isn’t just for adults, kids love keeping fit as well. We all put on a few pounds during the winter season and this is a great opportunity to rid yourself of that unwanted extra body fat. What’s more, if you install a pool heater, then you can keep fit all year round. It isn’t unusual to spend many hours in the pool and this can only be good for you and your family’s health.
  4. Less Stress – When we are around water, it reduces our stress. We always feel better sitting beside a river or the sea and the same applies to sitting near, or around a swimming pool. Who among us, has experienced a really stressful day and found that a quick dip or a long swim in the pool has helped us? Playing with your kids is an excellent opportunity to take all that negative stress away and replacing it with laughter and fun.

If you were unsure about the benefits of having your own swimming pool before, hopefully you have now made up your mind and now wish to buy yourself a pool. What you should do now, is in an article for another day.

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