4 Things You Should Do Before Moving to Switzerland

4 Things You Should Do Before Moving to Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. With the alps, Swiss plateaus, and a friendly community, it’s hard to say no when granted an opportunity to relocate there.

Moving to Switzerland may be inspired by different things, the culture, job relocation or even seeking a new and fresh start for your life.

Regardless of your reason, Switzerland is always a great option. However, it’s not a country where you can always knock on their door and it gets opened. They have strict rules regarding relocation of foreigners, especially for non-EU members.

Many foreigners who’ve moved to the country today, wish that they knew certain things before moving, as it would have made their transition much easier.

In this article, I’ll share with you four things you need to do before finalizing your plans for the relocation.

Despite the luxury and beauty offered by the country, Switzerland offers one of the most expensive lifestyles in the world. Their accommodation prices are higher than most European countries, and will vary depending on the city you are in.

Therefore, before moving to the country, do your research on the cost of living in different cities in the country. Use google reviews, and hire real estate agents to help you get the best houses in the best places in the country.

Check your budget to ensure that what you have is enough for you to pay for the home and also start your new life. If you moving for work reasons, you may need to request for a pay rise to afford the cost of living in Switzerland.

  • Gather the necessary licenses and permits

When moving to a new country, failure to comply with their requirements and regulations may land you in a lot of trouble. Switzerland is no exception.

The country has one of the strictest immigration policies and hence, you’ll need to know them beforehand.  Depending on the country you are from, you will need your Visa, work permit and also residential permit.  

Your relocation to Switzerland will also be determined by your employment status. The country has a very low unemployment rate and will not allow foreigners to work for them unless they have no option.

You should also streamline how your goods and property will be brought to the country, and have all the necessary forms filled. Switzerland will allow you to bring in your property tax free as long as you are there on permanent residency.

  • Learn at least one language

If you are assuming that English is enough for you to maneuver through Switzerland, you’ll be in for a surprise. Although most people speak proper English, some of the residents will speak either German, French or Italian.

This means that you have to be well conversant with these languages before moving there. If you have no time for the three languages, you can research the one dominant in the area you’re going to live and learn it. 

Some of the schools there also teach good German to the students and hence, it may be tough for you to keep up with their language If you don’t know it

  • Learn their local culture

Moving to a new country means that you’ll have to embrace what people love. Their culture and lifestyle will have a significant impact on how you live.

Therefore, get to learn the culture and norms of the people in Switzerland. Practices such as closing businesses on Sunday may be new to you, but to the Swiss, that’s normal.

 Be prepared make friends in the area, learn some of their celebrations and even celebrate the occasions with them. By learning about their cultures, it will be much easier for you to settle in the country.


When moving to a new country, regardless of how beautiful or amazing it is, researching the living areas, learning a native language, getting permits and embracing their culture is always important for you.

Switzerland is a beautiful country and hence, by following understanding the factors above, it will be the perfect home away from home!

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