5 Home Improvement Must-Haves For An Elder-Friendly House


image1Being with an elder at home can be quite challenging. You must mind the home improvement you should be doing to create an elder-friendly home. If you have kids around, they will also get the mutual benefits that elders are getting. One of the most neglected parts of caring for seniors is providing them a home where they can live in with their loved ones. Most of the times, elders end up in a home health care institution which is not bad. You can find a reputable agency of elderly care Houston TX. You can opt to bring them to a fine institution when you are not capable of giving them a home as they age. Check the facilities here of a lovely home healthcare agency where you can feel exactly like you are home. But if you want your aging loved ones to be taken care at home, you can hire a personal assistant, or if the senior is still capable of things, then a little upgrade of your home is needed. Let’s take a closer look at which areas need improvement.

5 Things You Should Consider to Create an Elder-Friendly Home

Cozy Interior

The first thing you need to do is to provide a cozy home for your elders. Repaint your walls and repair any damages to your interior. Make sure the place is liveable, with a healthy living room where everyone can do chit chats, and so your elder will not feel alone. Also, take care of the lights inside the home, check your windows if they are giving enough views from the outside. You can also add up some indoor plants such as aloe vera, palm, and snake plant to keep the inside air well ventilated.

Bidet Toilet Seat

The comfort room is often taken for granted as it should not be since everyday everyone is using it at least three times. So make sure to install a bidet toilet seat there to help your elders keep hygienic. After all, ditch that toilet paper and help serve the earth by using water on cleaning your bottom as well as your seniors and kids.

Smart Lock System

Intruders are sometimes inevitable especially if the elder will be home alone. Make sure to install smart lock system that will ensure the safekeeping of your house as well as the people living inside. Keep your elder aware too and teach them how to use this smart lock system. Also, give them mobile phones so they can contact you right away if there is something wrong when you are away.


Security is a must have when you have seniors at home, or even with kids. Install CCTV so you can watch what they are doing when you are not around. You can also add some other security features so in case something wrong is happening, you can quickly call the attention of the authorities. There are also CCTV that allow you to talk to the person on the other line where the cameras are there.

Small Automatic Appliances

Keep your house automated. Make sure you have appliances to help your elder’s daily routine to get comfortable. You can have a microwave, dishwasher, automatic washer, etc. If the elder is capable of doing things, these appliances are much of help to them.

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