5 Things You Must Be Aware of Carpet Cleaning

Most of us use carpets in our homes. They are soft and feel good under our feet. They are also room tiers, make the place look more like home.

Being decorative and convenient part of our lives, it’s clear that this part of the furniture is everywhere around us. Like every other item in our home, it requires cleaning. See more about carpets here.

However, people seem like they know almost nothing about it. In this article, we’re going to share some advice that we think everyone must be aware of. Read on, and learn more about it.

1. The vacuum cleaner does nothing

Almost no one realized that vacuum cleaners are unable to clean them. Rugs have deep fibers that prevent most of the dirt and bacteria to come out on the surface where they’ll be sucked by the force of the cleaners.

Yes, the vacuum cleaners, also known as dust busters, clean the surface. After all, there’s a reason why they are called dust busters. It’s because they only clean the dust from the surface while other more serious particles that need to be taken off before they do greater damage to your health, stay trapped deep inside.

People with asthma must be aware that rugs might be a reason for their inability to control the problem. If they are facing such a problem, maybe they should do a more thorough clean-up.

2. Professional cleaning is the ultimate choice

Since we’re unable to clean it up with regular machines, some other solution must be found. Most often, calling the pros is the best one. They have deep steam machines that do an ultimate clean up and take out everything there is from the inside.

Some don’t like the pros because they charge for something our naked eye can’t see. We think that the carpet is clean while they claim it’s not. That’s why a lot of people are thinking about getting one of those expensive machines to do the job by themselves. However, the price is not something that anyone can afford.

In the battle of professional deep steam carpet cleaning vs DIY, you should know that it’s always better to choose the pros. The reason is – you don’t need to spend so much money on machines that you’ll use rarely.

Professional cleaning is the ultimate choice

3. All carpets have expiry dates

In line with what we just said above is the average time an American family uses their carpets. The average use is around 5-10 years. If we know that the optimal need for thorough clean-up is needed up to two times a year, we’d say that there’s no logic of spending money on expensive machines.

Instead, the money you’re about to invest in a machine, can be transferred into the fund for professional cleaning and buying new rugs after some time.

4. Regular maintenance is the most important

If you want your rugs to last longer and to keep the shine, you need to take constant care of them. Regular maintenance means keeping the look and the long-lasting.

If you left it for weeks without proper care it will accumulate so much dirt and dust that it will be impossible to be cleaned later. Even the pros will have to go over a few times just to make sure they got everything out.

Think about pets in this situation. If you have a dog or a cat, you know how annoying their hairs can be when they get around the fibers of the carpets. Now imagine if you don’t go over the vacuum daily. It will be a jungle of hairs after a week or two.

5. Keep shoes off them

We walk outside with our shoes and while doing that, we take so much dirt with us. Not taking our shoes when we get home means transferring everything from outside on to the rug.

Another problem with this is that bare feet do almost no damage to it. The shoes are made with materials that are damaging every fiber, including the rugs. That’s why it’s wise if we take off the shoes outside and with it keep our home environment cleaner and our carpets life longer.

Keep shoes off them

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