5 Top Tips You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Chances Of Buying A New Home

homeFinding a new and long lasting home can be quite the arduous experience. It’s always a case of finding the right things you desire. Does it have enough bedrooms? Is the location ideal? Does it have a sizable enough garden? Well, once all these aspects are found, there’s the slight issue of being able to buy the house. Here are our top five tips which will help you avoid dissapointment when it comes to purchasing the house you want.

  1. Research:

Researching and knowing what you desire will do you the world of good when it comes to house hunting. Don’t just hang around or blind book a viewing without knowing exactly what you are looking for. Researching the property that you are going to see beforehand and the property development company behind it will assist you greatly. If you go and visit a lot of properties and don’t make any sort of investment you will start and lose your credibility.

  1. Become and expert on the area:

Knowing where you are and what the area provides can help your search vastly. Learning key areas of information such as how much house prices have increased / decreased over the years and how much properties that are similar to the one you are viewing are selling for can put you ahead of other people who are also searching. There is a huge amount of information available online about the local area and the buying process for the houses. Looking into what other properties nearby have sold for will make you more confident that the price you are offering on a property is the right price.

  1. Make your overall position clear:

If you take the time out to give the seller a clear idea of who you are and what your standpoint is, you can boost your chances of successfully purchasing a home. Stating aspects such as, what position you are in, if you are a first time buyer and if you need to sell will allow the seller to gain more of an understanding about your position. Giving your seller more information will make you a much more attractive buyer to them.

  1. Keep your finances secure:

Finding the dream home won’t be successful unless you have your finances in order. Making sure you are able to afford the house you desire is vital to seeing your offer accepted. Kimberley Neilson from Reeds Rains said: “Having the financial aspects in order is key. Our job is to get the best price possible for our clients. If we go to the vendor with five offers and two have got their finances ready and three haven’t then the two that have are in a much better position to get their offer accepted.”

  1. Protect your purchase once accepted:

Once your offer is accepted it’s time to close the deal. Katie Griffin says buyers need to close the deal as quickly as possible to make sure they don’t fall at the final hurdle.She said: “Once your offer has been accepted, ask for the property to be taken off the market straight away. This can minimise the chances of additional offers coming in over and above yours and finding you’ve been trumped.”

With these helpful tips hopefully you can move that much closer to securing the home of your dreams.

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