7 Ways to Ensure a Successful Move

While it is typically a big endeavour, moving does not have to be a stressful or negative experience. Whether it be a local or long distance move shifting homes does take a lot of preparation and work to pull off in a successful manner however choosing to be proactive and organized will make a big difference when it comes to the big day so make sure you have done the work before the movers show up to help you.

Successful Move

Though you may be dreading the move because of all the work it entails there are many ways to make it much easier. Hiring a moving company is always a good idea and Kamloops movers are there to assist if you are relocating locally or planning a long distance shift. Just be sure you follow the list below and you’ll find that this move is the best and most successful move you have ever had.

  1. Make a To-Do List

Often when taking on a big project we can begin to feel overwhelmed because the whole process seems too large to tackle but when we break things down into smaller pieces and start checking things off the list we begin to feel more confident and realize we can accomplish our goals when we take care of them one at a time. Having a moving notebook means you can keep important notes and keep track of your days.

  1. Create a Budget

Having an idea upfront of what the move is going to cost when all is said and done is a smart plan. It can be costly especially if it is a long distance relocation so knowing what you have to pay out of pocket ensures no big surprises at the end of the day. Even if your company is covering the cost of the movers there will be other expenses associated with the move. Be sure to factor in fuel, meals and a hotel if necessary.

  1. Take a Walk Through

It is important to get a rough idea right off the bat of how much needs to be done in your home to prepare it for a move. After living somewhere for a few years it is likely you have acquired things you do not want to take with you to the new house. This is not a time to start packing but instead is more for figuring out how much time you need to pack your personal belongings and what is going to be left behind.

  1. Purchase Necessary Supplies

There are some essential items such as boxes, packing tape and permanent markers so making a shopping list of moving supplies and heading out to purchase them is one of the first things you should do. You may also want to hunt down some used boxes or containers for loads that are going to be donated or recycled. If you are using a moving company they have things like moving blankets and shrink wrap already.

  1. Research Moving Companies

Finding a professional and reputable moving company should be one of the to-do items at the top of your list. Many moves have been derailed because a less than savoury moving company has not fulfilled their obligations. Do some research online and check their websites and reviews. Word of mouth is also usually a good way to get a referral as you hear a first-hand account of a customer’s experience.

  1. Decide What to Keep, Donate or Sell

There are times when we have a lot of household items we do not want to take with us to the new house. If you have enough extra stuff you no longer want consider having a garage sale to make a little extra cash while getting rid of things you no longer use. With everything else decide what is going with you and what needs to be donated, recycled or trashed before moving day arrives.

  1. Choose the Help You Need

If you have decided to hire a moving company it is necessary to decide if they will pack your boxes for you or if you plan on doing that part on your own. While it will cost more money there is something to be said for having professionals come into your home and do it for you. This will take hours off of your to-do list. You may also want to consider hiring a cleaning company to come in so you don’t have to do it.

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