A Clogged Drain Could Be Causing You These Issues

Having home issues in an aging property comes as no surprise but there are certain issues that are avoidable so long as you work to be proactive. Many people are surprised to find that one of the biggest causes of property damage (and other inconveniences) can come from a blocked drain.

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How Does My Drain Get Clogged?

There are many items that are put down our drains that go without notice until our sewage systems start to malfunction. While anything can cause a blocked drain, there are several items that consistently surface as problems.

  • Leftovers and animal fats
  • Garbage disposal units
  • Feminine hygiene items and other toiletries
  • Debris and construction waste

These items are often forgotten because of many misconceptions people have concerning what drains and sewage systems can handle. For example, many people believe that pouring a cleaning solution down the drain after pouring out animal fat will unblock a drain. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. The cold temperature of your pipes will cause the fat to freeze and coat your pipes until the entire passageway is blocked.

If you consistently dump these items (or any other waste) down your drain, look into quality drain cleaning in Glasgow.

What Issues Can Clogged Drains Cause?

In addition to clogging your drains, being unaware of what you put down your drainage and sewage systems can lead to more serious long-term problems that are not as easy to fix. While there are many issues to watch out for, some of the more serious issues could be very costly down the road if you aren’t careful.

  • Flooding
  • Leaks
  • Mould and bacteria buildups
  • Property damage
  • Foul odours

All of these issues are most commonly caused as a result of letting a blocked drain remain unfixed. Not only are they costly issues but they are also problems that could have a serious impact on your health and quality of life. To make sure that your property is up to code, find a professional in your area to regularly inspect your pipes.

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