A Guide to Underpinning your Property

A solid foundation is crucial for any structure and if you are planning to extend, you will need to have the foundations inspected and any additional support must be laid down prior to any construction taking place. Underpinning might need to be carried out, depending on the conditions below ground, and of course, the extra weight to be added. Subsidence can occur and if the area is prone to below ground movement, there are companies that can carry out tests to determine the integrity of the foundations.


The Right Contractor

Obviously, there are piling contractors you can trust, and by doing a little online research, you should have no problems locating such a company that services your area. A good contractor would deal with all local authority inspections and approvals, as well as carrying out any trench digging or groundwork prior to the underpinning or piling. If you happen to be based in the UK, there are online companies that can arrange for foundation work anywhere in the country, and with lots of hands-on experience, there is nothing they can’t handle.

Building a New Home

If you are constructing a new home from scratch, the foundations need to be carefully calculated, and by using an experienced piling contractor, you can rest assured that the foundations will be more than adequate. The preparation might include groundwork and trench digging, and while some underpinning contractors will ask the client to prepare this groundwork, there are reputable companies who will also carry out the necessary groundwork prior to the foundation work. They would also liaise with local government, which means your project will not be delayed while waiting for inspections or approval, and with a solid 10 year guarantee on all work carried out, you can feel confident your new structure is built on solid foundations.

Extending a Property

In the event you are adding a few rooms to the family home, the foundations would likely need strengthening, and by calling in the right piling contractor, this can be completed on schedule and the construction can continue. One cannot assume that the existing foundations are adequate to support the extension, especially if you are adding several floors, and by calling in the experts, they can make the necessary calculations within a few days and prepare an all in quote.

Critical Structural Support

It is never a good idea to assume anything, especially when talking about foundations, and the last thing anyone wants is a structure that has inadequate support below ground level, which is why it is crucial to have the existing foundations inspected, and with professional calculations, you will soon discover if there is any additional strengthening needed.

Any company that carries out foundation work should be accredited with the right associations, and if they are UK based, they ought to be registered with the British Drilling Association as an accredited contractor. This ensures that the work will be carried out responsibly by experienced contractors and with a solid warranty, you can rest assured that the new structure will remain for many years to come.

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