Add a Unique Space to Your Home with a Loft Conversion

When your family is growing, you want to use every part of your house. You may need an extra bedroom or play space for the kids. When you have multiple children and pets, you may feel that everyone is too crowded. The loft in your home is a great place to convert into a living space. This can be done without tearing up the rest of the home with a major construction project.

Loft Conversion

A Use for the Space

The loft is an area that may require a ladder or stairway to reach. This space is not usually considered for a family area. It is, however, perfect for an extra kid’s bedroom or playroom. Teenagers may love to be offered this room because it offers some privacy away from the rest of the family. Look for experienced loft conversions in Bristol to complete the job. When the job is done, you can begin decorating the space. This can be a fun space to let the kids decorate. Lofts make an excellent video game or movie watching room. Let the kids choose a paint colour and some furniture to make it complete.

  • A perfect hideaway for teens
  • Loud video games and televisions can be out of the way
  • An extra bedroom so siblings do not have to share

The Conversion

The loft in a home usually consists of rafters and exposed beams. Most of your home has sheetrock to conceal the skeleton of your home. You can have walls put in to make the space more refined. Some people, however, choose to let some of the beams show. The ceiling beams can be great for rustic décor without compromising normal use of the room. You may also need to add electrical outlets, windows, and lighting.

The conversion of a loft is an excellent way to add space to your home. It is usually more affordable than a full room addition and can be a lot more fun. The loft is a uniquely shaped space with a lot of possibilities.

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