Add Style and Elegance to your Home with Exterior Shutters

If you live in Western Australia and are looking for the perfect exterior screening solution, aluminium shutters tick all the boxes and with customised solutions, there is no limit to your design options. Powder coating provides the essential protection, and with a range of colours and finishes that include faux timber woodgrain, matching the existing surroundings is never an issue.  The process of powder coating is done electrostatically, giving an even coating that is guaranteed to withstand even the harsh coastal climate, and with no time consuming maintenance, you can spend your free time on more enjoyable pursuits.


A Range of Opening Styles

You might prefer hinged, bi-folding, or even sliding solutions, and with customised units, your existing openings can be taken into consideration. Modern aluminium shutters are fully adjustable and have lockable blades, which gives you fine control over shading, and as far as security is concerned, aluminium shutters add a layer of extra protection that would deter any burglar. If you happen to live in Western Australia, there are online suppliers in Perth that have the best shutters available who can design and install the ideal screening solution that is both easy to adjust and maintenance free.

Harsh Weather

If you live in a coastal area, outdoor aluminium shutters provide the ultimate protection, and with lockable blades, you have instant storm protection. Powder coated aluminium is the ideal material for this type of environment, and with a smooth mechanism, one can literally seal off the building from wind and rain. Flying debris is no longer a risk to your windows, and with a strong fixing, the shutters will offer the ultimate protection against the elements. This type of product would be cyclone rated, so a little bad weather is nothing, and if a storm is approaching, simply close and lock all the shutters and your home is secure.

Added Security

Installing aluminium outdoor shutters basically gives you an added layer of protection against any intruder, and if your home is empty for long periods, you can lockdown all the shutters and rest assured that the property will be safe.

Additional Building Services

Typically, customised shutters might involve some additional work for support, and an established supplier would be able to provide these services, and with their expertise, they can maybe suggest support in a way you had not considered, and that could make all the difference to their performance. Welding is often the best solution is some unique settings, and with an experienced team of installers who are fully equipped, the best solution is never far away.

There is an extensive colour catalogue, which allows the homeowner to select something that is perfectly suited to the property, and if you would like to know more about aluminium outdoor shutters, an online search should locate a supplier in your area, and after some consultation, your new shutters will be ready for installation.


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