An Essential Homeowner Responsibility: Ensuring the Functionality of Your Boiler

Even though thousands upon thousands of people in UK are sent to the emergency room each year due to harrowing boiler-related wounds, impairments, and near-fatal carbon monoxide exposure, homeowners are still oblivious to how crucial it is to regularly maintain, clean, and upgrade their heating appliances.


In this regard, a new coast-to-coast investigation found that only one out of every three householders takes the time to schedule annual boiler checkups, which is acutely problematic due to the fact that the typical domestic boiler in the UK is more than 14 years old.

The Local Pros Can Keep Your Home Safe and Energy Efficient

If you’d like to book the best boiler servicing in East Cornwall, for instance, it’s worth noting that your neighbourhood heating company can renew and restore your system for a tiny fraction of what it costs to supplant all of your fittings and fixtures:

  • One-off component replacements to increase operating efficiency and lower your monthly energy expenses
  • Exhaustive cleaning exercises to enhance interior air quality and airflow
  • Repairing any rusted or corroded modules
  • Resealing any leaky pipes or channels to prevent Carbon Monoxide exposure and resolve efficiency-draining leaks
  • Refurbishing the internal mechanisms of your appliances to extend the lifespan of your boiler

For a highly trained, seasoned professional, it only takes a single site visit to effect noticeable improvements, not several tedious house calls.

Get Your No-Obligation Estimate Sooner Rather Than Later

However, perhaps the most gainful advantage of contacting a Gas Safe-registered serviceperson is that you can avail yourself of a detailed, expert opinion on your boiler needs without committing to any sort of fees, dues, or surcharges during the initial inspection.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain; be sure to arrange a professional boiler assessment during your next day off.

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