Are you securing your garage enough to prevent the theft?

Burglary is a thing enough to put dread in anyone’s life. We work days and nights, earn legit money, and shape it into our dream home. And we expect that home to save us and those things dear to us. But this is a wild world and negative elements creep upon the street every now and then. This makes it crucial for one to put the strongest security possible on the entrances. While home gets targeted too, it is the garage that suffers the most. Burglars try to pick up the costliest thing with the least effort, and this pulls the garage into spotlight. People use roller doors, sectional doors, and think that their work is done. Their work is indeed done, because the technology has advanced, but there get still few things left.

Things to take care of about garage doors security.

While you can never zero-out the threat of theft, you can bring it down to the minimum. Traditionally people had not many options when it came to security, but now science has made it possible. Stronger doors are easily available at not much the cost. Above it, there are tools that one could use. Here are things to take care of:

  • Test your door to see if it is working fine. While you may believe that your roller doors, or other types of doors, are working fine, it might not. To test, check if it is going to the lowest point possible. Other than this, you might want to hurdle it with something and see if its reverse mechanism is working fine. Reverse mechanism becomes crucial when people have children at their home. If these doors finds an obstruction, they lift themselves up.
  • Check if your door has an anti-lift system. An anti-lift system prevents the door from getting lifted through some leverage. Robbers usually wield a crowbar or some rod to push in at some vulnerable point and lift the door open. Roller shutter doorsleave no vulnerable spot to do such a task and thus are considered the safest among all.
  • If possible, use double sheets to provide that extra strength.
  • Don’t rely on a single lock system. Get multiple lock systems if possible. Single lock systems are easier to break in.
  • You might want to use a rod lock system, which is harder to break.
  • Get an alarm system installed to get informed about the theft. Alarms put psychological pressure too and makes it either deny the theft, or get panicked while doing it.
  • CCTVs do not cost much these days. Get a CCTV camera installed around those roller doors, or any other door you have.
  • Make sure the reversal-mechanism works even at the slightest hurdle. The door might seem to be going very down, but sometimes a pebble can come as an obstruction. Check if the door goes back up from any hurdle at the bottom.
  • Check if it has a manual take-over mechanism in case of power failure or any other related issue.
  • Avoid any windows in the garage doors. If you want to use any window, make sure you use unbreakable glass.

These things make it possible to reduce the possibility of a theft to the minimum. Avoid going for hinged doors. They provide minimum security and are vulnerable to vehicle-ramming. Roller doors are considered to be the most secure among all.

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