Are Your Double-Glazed Windows Looking A Bit Tired

Double Glazed WindowsA double-glazed window features two layers of glass with a pocket of air in between. This provides a wide range of benefits, not the least of which is extra insulation for either hot or cold weather. The problem is that double-glazed windows can look decidedly tired after a while, and this is when they might need some professional refurbishment.

Do You Have Dirty Double-Glazed Windows?

If you have older double-glazed windows, you may have noticed that they don’t look as good as they used to. In fact, you may even think that they need replacing. This could certainly be done, but the good news is that a simple refurbishment and double glazing repairs in Ayrshire may just do the trick without an expensive replacement!

Double-glazed windows can become unsightly for the following reasons:

  • The seal around the glass has become brittle and cracked, and is allowing dirt and dust to enter the air pocket between the panes of glass.
  • Condensation is entering the seal and fogging up the glass.

New and Fresh Windows

In both cases that are listed above, the windows can start to look very dirty and rather tired. A lot of people opt to have new double-glazing installed, but the fact is that a specialist can actually rehabilitate those old double-glazed windows and make them look almost new again. Indeed, many such double-glazed windows simply need to be cleaned and resealed. Dong this can save money and make those windows sparkle again.

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