Avoid Bad Sewer Blockages

Clogs are bad–really bad if they accumulate in sewer lines. If this happens to you, it can lead to a messy and smelly back-up. Back-ups are hazardous to the health of homeowners and to a property’s contents. Therefore, you need to take measures to reduce this type of risk.

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Plumbing Enemies

To make sure a drain clog does not lead to a sewer line blockage, you need to use care in what you throw down the drain. The following items often lead to drain blockages:

  • Cooking grease
  • Hair
  • Soap scum
  • Coffee grounds

Cooking grease should never be put down the drain but disposed in a container. Dispose the container in the rubbish bin. You can throw coffee grounds into your garden’s mulch pile or compost. They are beneficial to the soil.

Adding a Barrier

To keep hair or soap scum from existing the drain, and to prevent a future Lancashire drain and sewer clearance, cover your drain with a screen or grate. You can purchase a screen at any local plumbing supply store.

It also helps to pour hot water down a drain after it is used. Hot water prevents problems with clogs as it directs food and oils down the drain and stops them from building up. If substances accumulate on the interior surface of pipes, drains become sluggish and slow, which leads to those formidable clogs.

To keep your drains flowing well, it also helps to have regular inspections made of your lines and plumbing. Innovations today make it possible for plumbers to diagnose problems with the latest advances in equipment and tools.


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