Can You Repair Cracked Glass? (and When You Shouldn’t)

The earliest artifacts of glass were found in Egypt in 3100 BC, but glass has gone through much evolution since that time and has been affected by many different cultures and technologies.

Repair Cracked Glass

Nowadays, glass is ubiquitous in our society. We use it in our windows, glassware, and furniture. All this heavy usage means that there are times when the need to repair cracked glass comes up.

But how to repair cracked glass, and is it even worth it? Well, yes it is. It works especially well if the glass you are repairing is a single-pane glass item, like a single-pane window, or a glass-topped table, or even a shower door.

The method to repair cracked glass described below will not work if you are looking at a cracked windshield or a double-pane window.

With all this in mind, read on to see an easy and way to repair broken glass, that will boggle your mind at its simplicity.

Step 1. Clean the Glass With Soap and Water

It’s always important to start with a clean glass surface when trying to repair cracked glass. Remove any fingerprints, or oil and grease stains, any dust or dirt on the glass before beginning.

Wait for the glass to dry completely before going on to Step 2.

Step 2. Mix the 2-Part Epoxy

There are many different kinds of 2-part epoxy on sale in your home hardware store, or on Amazon. The ingredients are resin and hardener, which are mixed in at the time of the broken glass repair.

When your glass is completely dry, you can start mixing your 2-part epoxy on some disposable surface, like an old plate or some cardboard. Mix for at least 20 seconds using a toothpick.

It takes 5-10 minutes for the epoxy to harden completely and become completely unusable, so work within this short window of time, as best you can.

Step 3. Apply the Epoxy to the Cracked Glass

Using a putty knife or some other tool, apply the epoxy when it’s ready to the cracked glass. You want to press the epoxy into the damaged area, working it back and forth.

This way the resin/hardener mix will seep into the cracked glass and repair it from within, sealing and hardening at the same time.

Step 4. Remove Excess Epoxy

After five minutes, you can scrape off all the excess epoxy that didn’t seep into the damaged area, using a razor blade. Scrape away all the excess, so you leave a nice and clean surface. Let your repaired glass rest for 24 hours.

Step 5. Glass Cleaner to Finish the Job All Spick and Span

After 24 hours, you can clean up the glass yet again with glass cleaner and admire in amazement your handyman skills.

Repair Cracked Glass in Minutes With Epoxy

There are many different kinds of epoxy on the market, each of which can be used to repair cracked glass.

Instead of paying for a replacement shower door or a vase, you can repair it, so that no one will even know that it was broken.

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