Carpet Cleaning is Tedious and Time-Consuming, But It’s More Important Than You’d Think

Did you know that the original carpet cleaning machines were designed to blow air rather than draw air in? It wasn’t until 1901 that a British inventor engineered the first-ever suction-powered mechanism that could actually suck up dust, dirt, hair, and debris.

How Clean Are My Carpets?

There is a direct correlation between foot traffic and the cleanliness of your carpeting solutions, but you also have to account for pet dander, deep-rooted soil deposits, cigarette smoke, residual cooking vapours that waft through the property, and innumerable other sources of pestilence. Here is a cut and dry scrutiny of modern carpet cleaning:

  • During a recent vacuum test, which involved dumping a pound of assorted sediment across a 10 square foot carpet with half-inch fibres, analysts found that it took 27 passes with moderate pressure to remove 90% of the filth.
  • This startling inefficiency can be attributed to the weak motors in household vacuum cleaners, but it also has a lot to do with the fact that common domestic oils and emollients essentially act as adhesives.
  • Even the best-rated vacuum cleaners re-disperse contaminants during operation through their exhaust pipes, which is why industry experts have come to the conclusion that vacuums are ranked as one of the top-3 filthiest appliances in UK households.

These facts are definitely disconcerting, but you can eliminate these sanitary concerns by coordinating an appointment with one of the quality carpet cleaning services in North Devon.

How Often Do I Need a Professional Clean?

If you live in a typical household of four, you should set aside one day every eight months to welcome a carpet specialist into your property.

You’ll be surprised at how affordable expert cleaning really is, so get the ball rolling with a consultation today.



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