Choosing The Right Dining Chairs Singapore Furniture Industry Can Offer

A dining chair is equally important when it comes to completing the design and functionality of a household’s dining area – without dining chairs, what is the purpose of a dining table? It would be very uncomfortable to stand while eating and not be able to enjoy a meal.


The look and design of a dining chair should matter as well as how comfortable it would be for the user. A lot of people often think that a dining table would come automatically with chairs – however, it is not always the case.

Here are some important facts that everyone needs to take into consideration when planning on buying certain dining chairs for their homes.


The size of the dining chairs would be dependent on the size of the table and the dining room and rarely depends on who is sitting (custom-made dining chairs). So in case the dining table does not come with the chairs, always make sure that the table size and chair fits perfectly together.

The standard height of a dining table is around 30” while the chairs should be around 18” high – this is the ideal height measurement for both because these measurements are often the most comfortable height for users.

Nevertheless, it is still better to check for tables and chairs that come together before making any decision on buying one. Some sell them in a set and can be a lot cheaper compared to buying them separately – so it is best to consider some of these options. Nobody would want to waste their precious time and money, especially when they are just in the lookout for dining chairs – and since no one can carry their dining table around, it is best to take some measurements before even going out to hunt for the right dining chairs for you. Buying the wrong ones and then having to bring it back to the store to replace or return can be more costly.

As a general rule, the backrest of the chair needs to be higher than the table’s surface and the backrest’s height should depend on the person’s personal preference.


The styles of the chair would be dependent on the design of the dining room, the table and the personal preference. Common styles are the following:

–       Ladder Back

–       Chippendale

–       Regency

–       Queen Anne

–       Mid-Century

–       Parsons Chairs

These are the typical or the most common styles of chair designs and anybody can find them online or in most furniture stores, especially here in Singapore. Be sure to choose the style wisely and that it fits to the overall design of your dining room and table. Remember that solid and heavy wooden chairs are great for rustic tables in the dining room.

Other chairs that would pair up nicely with a rustic table are shaker-style of the Windsor wooden chairs as well as the café-style bentwood chairs. For those with visitors, add some cushioned bench to inject some touch to the overall design.

A cushioned bench or banquet seating is perfect to use for added comfort.

For those that prefer an organized, clean and contemporary style, then bentwood chairs with a contemporary design can add up to the look of the dining room. Bentwood chairs are affordable and easy to maintain. Moreover, they come in different colors and wood tones, so no one can go wrong with using bentwood chairs in a stylish and modern look.

Whatever the design and style is of the dining area, the dining chairs have to fit to the overall design and be able to match the style you want. It is best to check out furniture stores offer and make sure to buy the right one to leave no room for regrets later.

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