Cleaning Gutters And Pipes From Leaves And Debris

Cleaning of drainage systems must be carried out to timely prevent the destruction of the facade of the building and structural elements. Gutter systems protect the building from direct ingress of rainwater and melt water from the roof. In addition, the elements of the drainage system serve as a decor for the facade of the building, complementing its architectural appearance. In case of contamination of gutters and funnels with fallen leaves, moss, turf and other atmospheric pollution, the system ceases to perform a drainage function, as a result of which precipitation falls on the facade of the building, which leads to its destruction and leakage.

Cleaning gutters – requires a careful approach in order to protect against serious problems with the repair of the building in the future. If the main function of the gutter is to prevent leaks into the building, then the drainpipes serve more to protect the facade of the building.

Cleaning gutters requires high professionalism in the safe conduct of work. Therefore, it is convenient to carry out work on cleaning drainage systems by professional gutter cleaning company Using insurance systems and professional equipment, industrial climbers of our company are able to cope with the task of washing and cleaning the gutter system on almost any pitched roof.

Professional Gutter Cleaning: What Problems Can You Avoid?

Failure of the drain system undermines the foundation, water penetrates inside the house, causing dampness. There is a need for a major overhaul. The additional load from the accumulated water can lead to the collapse of the plastic structure.

The presence of wet garbage is an ideal environment for moss and mold, in which pathogenic bacteria and insect larvae develop (they infect the garden in the summer). Dry garbage in the summer due to intense heat can cause a fire. To avoid these unpleasant consequences, the roof gutters are cleaned of debris.

Gutter cleaning frequency

Dust and sand brought by the wind form mud deposits. They are not noticeable in winter, so cleaning is carried out twice in the spring. Before starting work, leaves and branches are removed to allow melt water to freely leave the roof. Ice is removed manually by supplying warm water to the ice. Cleaning of pieces of ice is carried out with gloves.

  • Spring. After the snow melts, the gutters are cleaned again, as it contains a lot of debris: sand, branches, etc.
  • Summer. In the summer, cleaning is not carried out, but the drain is inspected for contamination. You can find construction debris or material for building bird nests.
  • Autumn. In autumn, blockages can occur due to strong winds. He brings debris from trees (branches, leaves).
  • Winter. Water drains are especially polluted in winter as a result of icing, which prevents the natural flow of water due to the formation of a plug. As a result, the system may fail.

Due to an unreasonable malfunction of the drain system, the installation should be checked for compliance with building codes (the slope should be in the range of 2 to 5 mm per linear meter). The minimum values ​​must not fall below 1 mm. Blockages are removed using devices (mechanical, automated) or improvised means.

Possible options for cleaning gutter and drains

Before cleaning, check the operation of the drain system with a strong pressure of water. It will show the performance of the system in case of showers and moisten the dirt. To clean the gutters, a special robot is used, the weight of which does not exceed 1 kg. The mechanized apparatus determines the number of passes (depending on the degree of contamination). The device has high performance and can be operated in a humid environment.

It is convenient to clean gutters with special brushes that have a telescopic handle. Its length is about five meters. When working with it at height, observe safety precautions (use of a mounting belt). You can blow out the drains with a stream of air. For work, a garden blower is suitable, which can create a powerful directional air flow. To clean the gutters from foliage and debris, a special nozzle is used, which is installed on the blower.

When surface work is completed, the gutters are washed with water pressure. This procedure removes the remaining dirt. The installation of special visors protects the gutters from contamination. A removable grate in the pipe funnel will protect against debris.

Cleaning gutters and drains is a labor-intensive process. It is advisable to use the services of a professional gutter cleaning company who can perform the procedure using special tools without damaging the drainage system. Rates depend on the complexity and scope of the work.

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