Designs Trends in Kitchens That Are Safe Choices


If you are not a risk-taker when it comes to kitchen design, you have a number of safe choices in cabinets and countertops from which to choose. For example, you can never go wrong by choosing cabinets in white. In fact, designers embrace the colour in today’s kitchen.

You can even layer white in a kitchen design. For instance, you can feature a backsplash in white on a white countertop and beneath white cabinetry. Plus, glass-like white appliances are now rivalling for the top spot over stainless steel. That is because white appliances are easier to maintain. An icy white appliance can also be fused with a contemporary or transitional style.

Grey is a Safe Neutral Hue

New kitchens in S71 do not have to present vibrant colours in order to look bold and impressive. They can be decorated in white as well as grey. If you want to add colour, grey is a safe hue to pick. Homeowners look at grey as a sophisticated colour choice. However, if you want to add flair to grey, you need to pair it with a warm material, such as wood.

Smaller Appliances

If you want to fully optimise your kitchen space, stick to choosing smaller appliances, especially if the space in your kitchen is limited. Add small appliances such as a combination microwave and convection oven, smaller dishwasher, small refrigerator, or two-burner cooktop.

Besides smaller appliances, you may want to consider choosing quartz for a counter over granite. Quartz resists burns, chipping, and scratches. Plus this countertop material can mimic real granite. Tough yet simple to maintain, quartz, unlike granite, does not need sealing in order to prevent stains.

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