Different Types of Slat Fencing Explained

What we call “slat fencing’ can be manufactured from a range of different sorts of material and put to use in serving a number of purposes, all depending on the style of fence which the homeowner wants.

  • Take for example chain link fences, they can be made up for more privacy by sealing off the gaps in between the links with fence slats made from wood, plastic, vinyl or aluminium.

Slats come in natural or various colours specially designed to increase the visuals of a fence or to just block anyone from looking in from outside. These are basically sections of wood which make up the fence itself, and similar to those you may have seen used in the making of picket fences.

Slat Fencing – Wood and Vinyl

  • Wood and vinyl fences are frequently built from fence slats and are typically thin, straight pieces of wood that are vertically held in place with nails to horizontal posts.

Slats are regularly used to build panel fencing, which is made up from lengths of slats joined securely together in approximately 2.4 metre sections. This is carried out to make fence construction that much easier, and such fence panels in Basildon come prefabricated for sale at specialist wood yards or some hardware shops.

Slat Fencing – Trellis

Trellis slat fencing lies over each other to create a pattern which improves the good looks of a current fence, or it can act alone as a privacy barrier for a garden, yard or patio.

  • Trellis fencing is seen in gardens where crawling plants with vines can crawl up the trellis, or because taller plants can be fastened to the trellis, so they don’t fall down when they are flowering.

Trellis slats are manufactured from wood or vinyl, and you may sometimes see them made from specific metals like steel or iron.

Slat Fencing – Aluminium

Slat fencing can be the perfect solution for anyone who lives in a harsher type of climate and this type is available in a number of designs, and can be used for many purposes. With this kind of fencing, there are different fixing options available, which make it more practical on many occasions.

Slat Fencing – Chain Link

This type of slat fencing is weaved into the chain links and is made from plastic, vinyl, or metals such as steel or aluminium. They are flexible enough to be woven through the chain links, and yet strong enough to remain in place once they are fitted.

  • However, a word of caution – Some lower quality slats are often more likely to break they get continued exposure to the sun.
  • This type is made from much cheaper lower grade plastic instead of sturdier metal or vinyl, so make sure that you know what you are looking at.

Beyond a Doubt

It’s a known fact that beautiful slat fencing will definitely improve the appeal and good looks of any home in more ways than you can imagine!

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