Do You Need An Interlocking Paver?

If you’ve just built a home in Toronto or you want to make some changes to your property, interlocking pavers are a great idea. There are several great options for you to choose from. You can select rubber, brick, concrete and a variety of natural stone like limestone, bluestone, travertine or marble. These pavers are ideal if you want to get paving for your pool area, or if you want to re-purpose your porch, deck, sidewalk or driveway. These materials will definitely come in handy when you’re ready to complete the paving job, whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor. There are several companies in Toronto that can help you renovate your home area so that you can keep your property looking its best. Once the interlocking pavement work is done, the job can last for decades if done correctly.

Interlocking Pavement Designs and Shapes

Once you choose from the various options of paver types, you can also choose from several designs, themes and patterns. For instance, you can choose patterns like parquet, zigzag, running bond and herringbone. Think about your overall sense of style and the decorative theme in the other parts of your home. You can also work with your contractor to come up with custom patterns that you’ll be satisfied with. There are also a number of colors you can select, so choose these based on the finished product you want. Colors include golden copper, tan, apricot, sandstone, caramel or rust if you want neutral hues, but there are also brighter colors you can select if you have a more daring sense of style.

When you’re looking for the right shapes for your interlocking pavement, be sure to look at as many samples as possible. You can select octagon, square, rectangle, diamond, oval, pentagon and oblong shapes that will fit well with structures that are already on your property, such as the pool, patio or deck. You can also select these designs for the driveway or the sidewalk near your home.

Interlocking Pavement and Initial Cost

The cost of the installation is moderate, which means many homeowners find the process affordable. The pieces fit together tightly and are uniform units that are positioned over a bed of sand and compacted aggregate base. After the installation, the surface is immediately ready to use. You can use a ICPI certified installer for the job or you can get the pieces from a Toronto hardware store and do the job yourself.


The low maintenance is perhaps the best interlocking pavement feature. You can easily replace broken pavers without patches. Using dark pavers can also help hide the stains on your deck or porch and pavers that are made in the factory can last for decades, which means you can enjoy them for the entire amount of time you’re in your home.

Winter Durability

Toronto winters can be harsh, so interlocking pavement durability is very high. These are small units that are high density that protects against damage. You won’t have to worry about salts and cycles and freeze and thaw ruining the material. Since the pavers are more durable than stamped or regular concrete, you can be sure that the pavement will last all winter long.

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