Drainage Specialists Keep Drain Lines Clear and Flowing

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When people contact a drainage professional, they often do so to clear a blocked drain. However, specialists in the field also take care of projects that are related to land drainage, root removal, CCTV drain inspection, and lime scale removal. So, when it comes to a drain or sewer clearance, a professional in this industry can tackle a number of drainage-related problems or projects.

Using Electro-mechanical Technology for Removing Lime Scale

In the instance of lime scale, technicians often support the use of electro-mechanical cleansing. This type of process is frequently recommended for obstructed toilets or washbasins. During this procedure, the lime scale is removed using sprung cutters. The cutters are affixed to flexible steel rods.

Why Electro-mechanical Cleansing Is Used Instead of a High-pressure Wash

This type of drain cleaning solution is a practical way to clear a drain that consists of small bore piping – piping that would not benefit from a forceful high-pressure wash. The electro-mechanical cleaning prevents any possibility of flooding.

A Way to Clean Concrete Residue from Pipes

Welling drainage contractors find that this type of cleaning method is an ideal way to removal hard substance buildups and residues. Besides lime scale, technicians also use electro-mechanical cleansing to get rid of concrete residue and uric scale from pipes. Technicians use this specific process when they are working on cleaning the major pipework for urinals and sinks or removing blockages from soil and vent pipes.

Why CCTV Technology Is Used

Because a lime scale is a major cause of blockages, electro-mechanical cleansing is used a good deal. Drainage technicians also use CCTV technology when any lime scale cutting is performed. This camera technology enables technicians to determine whether the lime scale has been removed or if the drains need any refurbishment.

Choose a Full-service Drain Clearance Provider

If you need your drain cleared for any cause or reason, you need to contact a company that is well-versed on various drain cleaning processes. Use a provider that offers comprehensives services in this area.

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