Emergency water purifier: Looking at eight essential features

When it comes to drinking water, it needs from a healthy and clean source, something that is reliable and safe for everyone. This becomes all the more important if the place is a commercial establishment where large number of employees is working and there are great number of customers and visitors coming. Hence, it becomes all the more important for entrepreneurs to make sure that they do install a good and reliable water purifier in their office or shopping complex, so that everyone can have a glass of clean, contaminant-free drinking water.

Emergency water purifier

8 essential features to identify when searching commercial water purifier

  • Select a survivor based on gauge of stainless-steel boiling pot. It should be something that is sturdy and is created from heavy duty components and materials. The lives of every person will depend upon its day to day performance under extreme conditions and circumstances.
  • The water volume it is expected to purify on a daily basis is to be determined. Distilled water production from available water distillers might vary between 8 gallons to about 18+ per day. Select a model that best supports the needs of the people at the establishment.
  • Select an automatic purifier, where manual addition of water to boiler is not required, nor is continuous dumping and replacement of condenser water, like with some units. This is real dangerous and tedious process especially when managing condenser and boiling pot. Few models may need dumping and replacement of condenser water for still to faction. In case, it is not regularly replaced, then condenser water is likely to reach temperature of approx. 140-150F hot. This will only be the cause of 3rd degree burns within 2 second time frame of skin contact. 9V pump and 5W solar panel having battery back-up is used by one model to ensure condenser stays cool all the time. It also adds water automatically as needed within the boiling pot.
  • Majority of the non-electric distillers are found to be severe scalding hazard. It might cause third degree burns. Life-threatening injury is to be avoided at the most. Hence, a survivor installed to be used which uses condenser cooling system having boiler that is snap latched to condenser. This in turn helps to prevent accidental scald injuries. Also, condenser water is able to maintain room temperature at all times and also prevent unnecessary and unwanted scald accidents.
  • Few models might not come with closed system so as to avoid external debris from fire or contamination from air. Hence select a survivor that is enclosed completely from boiler through cooling coils, post filter and within closed collection container. The distilled water will not be contaminated during the distillation process.
  • The survivor selected should not require to get leveled so as to operate.

It will be useful for people to first undertake thorough research and find out the available options in the market. They also should take into account what exactly is desired and the quantity of clean water that will be required for drinking purpose.

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