Essential Garden Maintenance Services for the Homeowner

Some of us like to potter around in the garden, and the Sunday morning lawn mowing has a satisfying feel to it, giving you a sense of purpose around the home. Yet there are certain tasks that are best left to the experts, and tree care would be at the top of the list. Trees are beautiful and provide shade and seclusion, but they do require regular pruning, and in some cases, branches need to be removed, in order to avoid the overhead power lines and cables. This is what a tree surgeon is trained to do, and with regular pruning, even a large tree can be shaped to complement the surrounding area, while ensuring there is no danger to the structure.

Screening with Trees

One can use small trees effectively to create screening, and a line of well-placed conifers is a great way to screen off the outside world. Careful pruning and shaping gives you a focal point and the deep shade of green adds depth to the garden. There are many evergreen varieties that are suitable for screening, and if you can source a good arborist, he would be able to make some suggestions for an ideal screen.


This is critical for any tree, as it not only aids growth, it also allows you to shape the form to blend with the surroundings. Pruning should be carried out in the spring months, and should be an annual task, as growth can be prolific, especially in warmer climates. Many gardeners overcome the tree maintenance by having a tree surgeon visit periodically, and while he’s there, he would maybe trim the hedges and check for any signs of tree disease, of which there are many. If your home is located in Western Australia, there are Perth tree services who can deal with any issue and also offer advice on any tree related issue, including planting suitable species.

Tree Removal

There are many reasons why a homeowner might wish to have a tree removed, it could be that the roots of the tree have caused the ground to shift, or perhaps it is overhanging the house. Whatever the reason, a large tree is extremely heavy and one cannot simply cut it down, and very often, the tree must be lopped from the top down, with small sections roped and lowered as they are cut, which is the safest way to remove a tree. In the event there is adequate space through 360 degrees, the tree surgeon might opt to fell the tree, and with a precision wedge cut at the right angle, a professional can drop a tree with amazing accuracy.

Stump Removal

If you think the tree is tough, the roots are a different matter entirely, and the only way to effectively remove a large tree stump is to use a stump grinder, which turns everything to wood pulp down to about one metre.

Even if you are an avid gardener, there are some things better left to the professionals, and with an experienced arborist visiting regularly, your tree issues are a thing of the past.

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