Everything You Need to Know About Carpet Runners

A staircase runner can be defined as a carpet, which is used to cover the stairs, but not the entire width- You can easily install them over either tiled or wooden stairs.

They are available in a variety of shades and patterns to choose from and can be customized as per the width of your staircase.

Carpet Runners

Why do you need a runner on a staircase?

There can be several reasons for adding staircase runners in your homes, let us have a closer look at these as under.

  • Safety: The most prominent reason for adding a runner is the safety of your family. Since the surface of wooden planks or tiles used in the staircase construction could rather be slippery, there is always a risk of tripping off- a fall can cause grievous injuries besides being fatal in some cases.

Also, slippery stairs can be specifically difficult to manoeuvre for kids, pets and also the people with mobility issues.By adding a runner, you create a frictional surface, thus making it easy to walk up and down.

  • Comfort:A staircase runner is available in a variety of natural fibre options thus making it pretty soft and comfortable on your feet.
  • Cuts down the noise: Adding a carpet absorbs the noise which is normally produced while using the staircase because of the wood or the tiled surface- Adding them makes your trips up and down, considerably quiet.
  • Style: Staircase runners are available in several styling options to choose from. Rustic and earthy tones of a natural fabric make them look extremely sophisticated and classy in your interior settings. Also, you can select from some stunning design patterns available thus making these the focal point of your homes.

Selecting the runner width

Next common query, which is supposed to cross your mind, is the width of staircase runners.

If your stair width is 3 feet, then ideally a 27-inch runner should work best for you- the size provides optimum coverage so that you don’t feel it is too narrow to walk upon and also, neither it is too fuller and all over the place.

For a 4 or 5 feet staircase width, 32 and 33 inches runners respectively are the best options.

However, if your stair width doesn’t fall in the either of the above standard options, then you’ll have to get your runner custom made after taking all the measurement aspects into the consideration. Get in touch with your carpet supplier to get more details on this.

Choosing Patterns

Patterned staircase runners look gorgeous and they come in a variety of colours and styling options to choose from. However, bear in mind that a pattern, which might look amazing on a flat surface, could spoil the look when placed in folds and bends over a staircase.

Also, if your staircase is a bit curved shape, stay off the precise patterns like squares or other geometric designs- a slightest mismatch here and there could ruin the complete look in an instant.

Lastly, make sure to have your Floorspace staircase runners installed by the professionals, to pull off a seamless and attractive look in the end.

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