Finer Options for the Perfect Carpet leaning Now

You should thoroughly clean a carpet in the home approximately every two to three years. However, many people have their hands in their hair when it comes to thoroughly cleaning their carpet. For that reason we list a few simple tricks for cleaning a carpet.

Carpet leaning

Anyone with a carpet in their house will have to work sooner or later to polish this piece of fabric. A carpet has to endure a lot: footsteps, pets in skin, food stains or mud. You can always use first aid with a vacuum cleaner, but to remove a stain from the carpet you need more than a vacuum cleaner. Moreover, it is advisable to thoroughly clean the carpet every two to three years. We explain how you could do this at home:


Start by vacuuming the carpet, both along the top and the bottom. Also move the carpet from the place where it is always located and also go around with the vacuum cleaner. This way you will immediately notice the superficial dirt and you can start cleaning the carpet. From the best auto carpet cleaner this is the best deal now.After vacuuming it is best to take the carpet outside to knock it off with a carpet beater.

Remove stains

Now it’s time to tackle stains. The best thing is of course that you remove the stains immediately after you have made them on the carpet, but some stains are a little more stubborn and leave a permanent stain. First try to dab or scrape as much as possible from the stain before we start working with a cleaning agent. This can be a specialized tool for carpet cleaning, but this can also be a bucket with warm water and a little bit of danger or degreaser. It is important that you first try out the product in a small place, so that you avoid wiping out the color of the carpet. Now work piece by piece, if you see that the product has no effect on the color, and always work in circles.

Remove odors

A touch of vinegar in warm water with soda can do wonders for carpets with a scent. For example with people with pets are there.

Carpet cleaner

Would you like to take a more thorough approach? Then you can always choose to work with a carpet cleaner. You can rent this device at a specialist store to clean the carpet to the depth. For this you pay a little more than twenty euros per day, but that depends on trader to trader. A handy feature of this device is that it will immediately absorb the used water, which means you will need less time to dry the carpet.

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