Five Benefits of Concrete Driveways

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Although there are many materials that you can replace a drive with, one of the best choices is concrete. It is easy to maintain and will withstand all types of weather better than most other materials. Here are five additional benefits of choosing a concrete driveway.

Style Options

When you choose concrete to replace an old driveway, you have several colour and pattern choices. Although you can still pick plain grey concrete, there are many more options as follows:

  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Coloured
  • Pave Cut
  • Stencilled
  • Slate Impression

These decisions will help make your home stand out, and most people will find it hard to believe that your driveway is concrete.

Long Lasting

Barring any major issues, a concrete drive can last up to 30 years, which is longer than most other surfaces, such as asphalt. While concrete can stain if oil or other fluids spill on it and penetrate the surface, the concrete can be sealed to prevent liquids from penetrating the porous material until it can be cleaned up. With regular pressure washing, a concrete drive will stay looking great for many years.

No Plant Growth

Although there are driveway solutions that are less expensive than concrete, such as block paving, you don’t need to worry about weeds or grass growing onto your drive. Since concrete is poured as a single slab, there aren’t any spaces for weeds or grass to pop through. Maintaining concrete driveways in Malvern requires little effort since you just need to pressure wash them on occasion to keep the surface clean.

Choice of Several Patterns

When concrete is stamped or imprinted, you can choose from several patterns for your drive. Concrete companies can make the driveway appear as if it’s made from bricks, pavers, slate, or stone. Along with the pattern you pick, the choice of colours will enhance the appearance of the drive and, unless they know what material it is made from, your neighbours will never suspect it is concrete.

Available in Textures

Along with different colours and patterns, a concrete drive can be poured and then textures can be added to it. A textured driveway can be safer to walk across because a plain concrete slab can be slick if it rains and the surface is wet.

Also, if the temperature drops, then a thin layer of ice can form that you may not see and you could slip and fall. However, exposed aggregate drives and those resembling slates have a textured surface that can help prevent some slip and falls.

With the availability of different colours, patterns, and textures, a concrete drive doesn’t need to be boring. Concrete driveways can have an excellent curb appeal and make your home the showcase of the neighbourhood.

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