Four Home Remedies for Termites: Do they Work?

If you see termites in your home, you may look up the internet to find remedies and DIY methods to tackle these pests. You may learn techniques such as the use of vinegar, the sun, and microscopic worms. But, not all methods have been proven to work. For termite infestations, it is usually best to let a pest exterminator handle it for you. Exterminators have access to effective solutions and methods that eliminate the infestation and prevent one from happening in the future. The following are some of the common home remedies for termites. Keep reading to know if they work:


Spraying pure vinegar or a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice onto the termites has been a method used by many homeowners. Liquids such as vinegar can help kill termites when sprayed directly onto them. However, keep in mind that the damaging subterranean termites mostly live underground. Thus, you might not be able to spot termites outside of the reproductive stage. Subterranean termite colonies can have as many as a million members, so killing one termite here and there won’t address an infestation.

Borate Sprays

Studies show that borate sprays can help control termites. To be effective, it should be used on wood during home construction. But, when using the sprays after construction, it has to be a mixture of boric salt and water and sprayed on exposed wood or in wall voids. This may be helpful in limiting termites since it can kill or control them in the areas the sprays are applied on.


Sunlight is believed to kill drywood termites, which tend to live above ground. It works by exposing wooden furniture to the sun and away from moisture. But, this won’t treat a termite colony in your home.

Microscopic Worms

These worms, known as nematodes, are an eco-friendly way to treat termites and other pests because they feed on them. Some studies have claimed that these worms can successfully control termites. However, they might only be effective when spread directly into a termite colony.

Moreover, there are various kinds of microscopic worms and not all nematodes feed on termites. Thus, it is difficult to know if you are getting the right type of worms. And since some creatures eat termites, you can’t be sure this natural pest control agent will get the termite colony under control.

A qualified and licensed pest control expert can inspect your property and use proven methods to target both above-ground and underground termites. They are well-trained and experienced in helping homeowners pick the best termite control solution, eliminate existing termites, and prevent future infestations.

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