Have your Drains Power Cleaned by the Drainage Experts

Blocked drains are sadly part and parcel of home ownership, and no matter how careful you are, a blockage can occur at any time. Many British homeowners are turning to hi-tech solutions regarding their drains, and with affordable drain water jetting in Leeds, you can have your drains power cleaned for a minimal cost.


Video Surveillance

It is now possible to get a close-up view of your drain interior with CCTV solutions, and once you know the condition of the drains, you can make an informed decision on repairs. The CCTV camera would be inserted after the power wash, which gives you a detailed picture of the condition of the pipes, and if all is well, there’s nothing more that needs to be done.

Potential Causes of a Drain Blockage

There are numerous causes for a drain blockage, which include:

  • Build Up of Food Waste and Solidified Fat
  • Invasive Tree Roots
  • Ground Movement
  • Foreign Objects  

Regular Power Clean

Even if your drains seem to be working fine, a power clean will clear any partial blockages, and while the technician is there, he can carry out a drain survey. If you do this once a year, your drains will always flow as they should, and the CCTV survey will give you a heads-up of the interior state of the drains.

Don’t wait until there is a blockage, call out your local drain cleaning expert who can give your drains a power clean, while also reporting on the condition of the entire drainage system.

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