Having Your Curtains and Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Every morning you throw your curtains open to let the light in, and every evening you draw them shut to close out the world. But your curtains gather dust and dirt, and the last thing you need is to find yourself in a flurry of dust every time you open or close your curtains. So the big question is, how often should I clean my curtains?

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You should really clean your curtains every 4-6 months, but it can depend on a number of factors.

How often are your windows open?

First of all, do you have the windows open a lot, or do they remain closed for most of the year?

The more your windows are open, the more your curtains are exposed to dust and dirt. That’s not to say you shouldn’t have your windows open, fresh air is always good, you’ll just need to clean your curtains more regularly.

Do you have pets?

If you’re a pet owner, you’ll know that pet hairs can get everywhere. Even if you’ve only got a small cat or dog, somehow their hairs will make it to places they couldn’t reach in a thousand years.

So it’s probably no surprise that curtains in homes with pets can become covered in pet debris.

This means if you have pets in your home, it’s a good idea to get your curtains and carpets cleaned more regularly. Cleaning your curtains and carpets every 3-4 months will stop allergens from settling and building up on the fibres.

Are there children or allergy sufferers in your household?

Young children and allergy sufferers are vulnerable to dirt, dust and allergens. They can cause health issues like breathing problems.┬áSo for their sake, it’s worth cleaning your curtains more regularly, every 4 months or so.

How to tell if your curtains need cleaning?

Regardless of when you last cleaned your curtains, there are tell-tale signs that they need another clean. The most obvious one is if they start to look discoloured.

Dirt will affect the colouration of your curtains, making them look a lot less attractive. So if your curtains are looking a little grimy and dull, it’s likely time for a clean.

Another sign is if you see a lot of dust when you open/close the curtains.


Hopefully this has answered your question of ‘how often should I clean my carpets and curtains?’. On average, most curtains and carpets need cleaning every 4-6 months.

However, if you share a home with children, allergy sufferers, or furry friends, it’s better have them cleaned every 3-4 months. This will stop dust, dirt and allergens from harming your home’s air quality.

It’s also worth having professional carpet cleaners take a look, rather than trying to clean them yourself. You can have specialist techniques and treatments to give your curtains the face lift they need. After a professional clean your curtains and carpet will make your home feel fresher, and they’ll look just as grand as the day you first bought them.

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