Headboard Storage – A Clever And Functional Space-Saving Ideas

Most modern homes have small spaces. Hence, creating adequate storage often gets quite difficult. Without sufficient storage, the room can appear unorganised and cluttered. One of the rooms that require a lot of storage space is the bedroom. The bedroom tends to have a lot of items since you spend more time in this room. They can include your clothes, bedclothes, personal items like books, etc. You might not have sufficient free space in your wardrobe to fit all these items. This is why you will have to come up with smart and functional space-saving ideas for your bedroom. One of the most common tricks preferred by experts is making use of the headboard. There are many headboard storage ideas you can consider for your bedroom. Besides allowing to keep the space organised, it will enhance the aesthetic beauty of the space as well. If you are not sure about how to make use of the headboard for creating additional storage space in your bedroom interior design, here are a few ideas you can consider:

01 of 04 Turn the headboard to a library

Many people have the habit of reading a book before going off to sleep. Having a small library near the bed proves to be very convenient for those people. Instead of installing an additional library in the bedroom that will require a lot of space, you can just turn the headboard into a mini-library. You just have to create two open shelves in your headboard design and store the books. This will allow you to reach any book you want to read without leaving the bed. Make sure you take the size of the books into consideration before creating the shelves. Otherwise, large books might not fit. Besides your books, you can use the shelves for keeping various items when required like notepads or a bottle. Decor items can be arranged with books as well to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the space.

02 of 04 A foldable working platform

The hybrid work model is booming due to various reasons. It allows both employers and employees to save more money and work comfortably. However, you will have to create an office space in your home to ensure your productivity is not affected. Simply because you have a small home does not mean you cannot have a dedicated working space. If you cannot accommodate an extra table and chair, just turn your bed into your working space. In the last two years, many people have started opting for headboards with a foldable working platform. They are stylish and a clever space-saving idea. Whenever you have to work, just drop down the platform and work from the comfort of your bed. Just make sure that the height of the platform is adjusted according to your height so you can strain your neck while working. Also, ensure that the design of the platform blends in with the headboard seamlessly when it stays folded. This will give the space a neat look. You can install shelves inside the platform for additional storage. Also, a power socket is necessary so that you can charge your laptop while working.

03 of 04 Use the sides of the headboards

If you have a minimalist bedroom interior design, you will have to be careful while creating storage space in the headboard. Instead of using the front side of the headboard, consider making use of the sides. This will allow you to create additional storage space in the headboard design without impacting the look. Depending on your preferences, you can adjust the amount of storage space while installing shelves on the sides. Also, you get choices when selecting the type of storage; open-shelves storage and closed-shelves storage. Hence, the overall look of the bed is not disturbed. If you have a headboard that has very little depth, storing all your items can be difficult.

04 of 04 Integrate the headboard with the cabinet

Many people have cabinets or a wall unit just above the bed. For a more seamless look, you can just integrate the headboard into the cabinets or wall unit. One of the biggest reasons for choosing this storage is the aesthetically appealing look. Your bedroom interior design will appear very neat. Just like you get options while choosing other storage types for your headboard, you can decide between an open affair and a closed one. Also, pay attention to the colour and finish. The headboard and cabinets should complement each other. This will give your bed a nice functional frame and attract more eyes to it. People with small home designs should consider this option as it offers plenty of storage space in a very small area.

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