How Do I Select the Best Scaffolding System?

Most people have seen scaffolding somewhere or the other, be it on a construction site where new buildings are going up, or on another place where renovations or repairs are taking place. But what do you know about these devices that make life so much easier for people whose job it is to work on the side of a building? What is known as “scaffolding” is a series of temporary work platforms which have been erected on a construction site to safely allow workers to carry out their duties above ground level.

There are differing types of scaffolding systems, and each one offers different and distinctive advantages and drawbacks. The most familiar type is the supported platform system, which has elevated wooden or metal platforms supported by poles and frames. Up second, there is the suspended type of scaffold, which is a platform that is suspended from the top of a building by the use of ropes. And then, there is the changeable scaffolding system, which can be adjusted, raised and lowered using pulleys or by mechanical means. Finally, there are access towers for any job, which have made the work of all who wish to use scaffolding, so much safer and easier.

It Will Depend on the Job

To select the perfect scaffolding system for your job, there are many factors to think over. The most important thing to consider is the condition of the ground where you will be placing the scaffolding. If the ground is unstable, or if the scaffolding is going to block access, a suspended scaffolding system will work the best. This way, it will not block access to the building for anybody. There are also adjustable scaffolding which can be custom designed which are proving to be very popular right now.

And then you will have to look at the building’s design. For high buildings, it is easier and safer to utilise a suspended from the roof type of scaffold, than to erect a platform which will be dozens of stories high. For those buildings which are not square, or have many recesses and projections on the outside, a supported platform scaffold usually offers the most flexibility. A work site with limited space or impediments will need the use of the supported platform type or suspended scaffolding system, as adjustable scaffolding can be quite large, and has to be moved with a crane. And lastly, a supported platform scaffold system is the easiest of them all to put up, which allows for work to be ongoing even during cold winter months.

Schedules are of the Essence

A final last factor to consider is a project’s schedule when selecting the perfect scaffolding system. Due to them allowing workers to get the job done at the most productive level possible, adjustable systems are favoured by most. An adjustable system is also much easier and faster to erect than any other type and makes things that much easier.

Make sure it’s safe and sound and your project will turn out just fine!

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