How Do Locksmiths Do It


There’s a very good chance you’ve locked yourself out at some point in your life. You’ve either locked yourself out of your house, your car, or both. You can lock yourself out of a place by losing your keys or leaving them inside when you close the door. There’s typically a moment of panic when you realise you’ve been locked out. You don’t need to panic, though. You just need to call a reliable locksmith who can get you back into your house, flat, car, or whatever place it is. They do this in a number of different ways depending on how you locked yourself out.

Keys Locked in the Car

If your keys are locked in the car, a 24 hour locksmith in Solihull will open your car in one of a few ways. The most common method used for older cars is a slim jim. When you pull the door handle on your car, the handle pulls a rod attached to the handle. That rod disengages the door’s mechanism, allowing you to open it. However, if the door is locked, a peg of some sort will prevent the rod from engaging. This is what happens when you lock the door and the lock button goes down. If that is the case, a locksmith will insert a slim jim into the space between the door and the window. If done correctly, the slim jim will be able to grab the locking rod and pull it up to disengage it.

Alternately, a locksmith can create an entirely new key for your car, which is not as common for keys locked in the car, and more for keys that have been lost. If you lock yourself out of your house, the locksmith will use a different technique.

Locked Out of the House

If you’re locked out of the house, the locksmith will likely attempt to pick the lock. Picking a lock is simple in concept, yet very difficult in its execution. A lock is made up of a series of tumblers that move up and down in a very precise pattern. When they are lifted to the proper pattern, the key is able to turn and disengage the lock, and the door is finally unlocked.

Therefore, picking a lock involves using a tool to lift the tumblers into the proper configuration. Depending on the type of lock, there is often a bump key that can be used. These are specially designed keys that can be used to push the tumblers to the proper location. Using a bump key is very difficult and not always successful. In other situations, the locksmith will have to push each individual tumbler into its place one by one. Such a task is very time consuming, but sometimes it is the only way to get into a house.

Lastly, the locksmith can make a new key from the lock. The locksmith will be able to create a mould of the inside of the lock. Such an imprint will allow a professional to cut a new key to fit the lock and let you back into your house.

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