How do you know it’s Time to Replace Your Windows?

How do you know it’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Have you checked the condition of your windows lately?

This is important especially if your home is over 15 years old. If you still have the original windows, it’s typically time to do window replacement. You’ll also have other signs around your home such as high energy bills that will tell you it’s time to replace your windows.

Here are the 5 things to know it’s time to replace your windows:

Increased Energy Bills

If you observed a sudden increase in the cost of your energy bill without any significant changes in your energy use, your existing windows must be the culprit. Your windows must have lost efficiency as a result of worn-out insulation that guarantees energy efficiency. In a situation like this, your HVAC will use more energy to keep your home cool or warm. As a result, energy bills will keep rising. Do window replacement and your energy use will return to normal.

Lack of Safety Measures

If your existing windows are without any safety features that will keep your home safe from the attack of burglars, you need window replacement. Upgrade to cutting-edge windows that factor in security into their design and have safety break and are shatter-proof. If your existing windows lack these features, consider replacing them soon.

Single Pane Windows

It is time for windows replacement in your home if all you have in your home are single pane windows. Recently manufactured windows are double pane windows, which offer additional functions and features. You are assured of improvement in the energy efficiency of your home because the double and triple pane windows are made with Low-E glass, which reduces UVB light, and also reduces the cost of heating and cooling your home.

New Look

When you want to renovate your home and give it a new look, you need window replacement to create a unique, impressive curb appeal for your home. Change the style of your windows; explore all available options, and choose the most suitable for your home. Create a new look, different visual appeal, and enhance the architectural design of your home. The options are vast; choose wisely.

Increase the Home Value

If you need to increase the value of your home for loan or resale purpose, window replacement is one of the most effective renovations to increase the worth of your property. Change the style of the existing windows. Use energy-efficient windows, and the value of your home will increase. Many homeowners take advantage of window replacement to get the highest value they intend for their properties.

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