How to DIY Landscape your Garden

If you have a basic knowledge of gardening and are prepared to invest a little money and a whole lot of time, it is possible to completely transform your current garden into something that looks elegantly professional. As any landscape gardener would tell you, planning is the key to a smooth project, and with that in mind, you need to think about exactly what kind of garden you would like. Some people prefer a multi-level garden, and this is possible, even if the area is flat, as you can dig a section and move it to another area to create a series of levels.


Think Maintenance

One might have grand ideas, but remember to consider the maintenance factor, as a big lawn would definitely be attractive, but only if you are prepared for the endless mowing in the summer, and your choice of trees should also take into consideration falling leaves, which can be a real nuisance. Concrete terraces and pathways offer a relatively maintenance free environment, and your natural ingredients could come in the form of borders or perhaps large potted shrubs might be a better idea.

Waste Removal

One thing is for sure, you will end up with a lot of material that must be removed from the site. Tree stumps, old bicycle frames, and the many other items that are of no use must be taken away, and if you happen to live in Norfolk, there is affordable same day skip hire in King’s Lynn. They have a range of skip sizes, and with a reliable delivery and collection, all the waste can easily be removed in one trip. Most residential areas have no facilities for dumping, and the regular garbage collection is out of the question, and by calling a reliable skip provider, you can be sure the contents will be responsibly disposed of.


Most homeowners want to utilise the garden effectively, and if you have the room, a nice sized terrace is an ideal addition. Sliding double doors can open out and lead out to a well-designed terrace where your family can enjoy al fresco summer days, and with a modern awning, you will have all the shade you need. Concrete is a popular material for a patio, or perhaps natural stone pavers, as they add character to any property. To prepare for this, simply dig out the area to a depth of at least 6 inches and shore up the edges, then have the ready mixed concrete poured into the area, and leave it to set after levelling.


If you are going to plant trees, think long term, and also seek professional advice about the best species for your particular location. Evergreens take away the tiresome task of leaf sweeping, but either way, your trees will require regular attention.

The initial design should allow you to calculate what you will need in terms of tools and materials, and anything you need can be ordered from your local builder’s merchant, and don’t forget to order the skip, as you will need one.

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