How to Give your Home a Facelift

Winter is almost over and if you were to stand across the street from your property, what would be the aspects that stand out? Perhaps the roof is dirty and the driveway has definitely seen better days, with weeds growing up through the edges, and anything else you think can be improved, and by making a list, you can start to source the essential services.

quality driveways

The Driveway

The feature of the entrance (or at least it should be), the driveway will either need to be repaired or resurfaced, and with established providers of quality driveways in Derby, you can ask for an expert opinion. Many people are turning to a resin-based material, which:

  • Is semi-permeable
  • Extremely durable
  • Comes in attractive colour

With some elegant edging, your driveway will make your home stand out, especially with the right lighting.

Fencing and Gating

This could either have a coat of paint or be replaced, depending on the condition, and if you are not one for maintenance tasks, consider a composite material, which will give you many years of use.

Trim the Hedges

Once the hedges are trimmed, the look is complete, and by taking a before and after photo, you will see a dramatic difference in the way your home looks. Trees should be pruned back a little and shaped ready for the new growth season and with a good power wash, the pathways will look like new.

The new driveway will no doubt motivate you to continue with the improvements, and by spending a little money, you can transform the frontal elevation of your property.







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