How to Make Custom Made Cupboards: Moebels Op Maat

When you move to a new apartment or you’re about to get something new to refresh the interior, the best thing is when you plan how to do it. All those ideas and plans about how everything should look like are so fun.

Getting and installing everything inside is not an easy thing to do, though. You need to spend so much time looking for the best cupboard and getting it home is also a thing that is complex and annoying. Finding what you need with the exact dimensions sometimes seems impossible. Everything is an inch longer, or higher, or the color doesn’t fit, and dozens of other problems arise at the store.

What you need to mind?

Before ordering something, it’s best if you think through all the details. For example, see what color will be the best for the location where you need it placed? If you have a kitchen in red color and you’re missing some part that you want to order, you don’t want to have this one in white, right?

Also, the materials, the system for closing and opening, all these things are important and can be managed in different ways. The stores selling these things usually have already made and ready cabinets that you can’t change. Their line of products is also something that can’t be managed freely.

That’s why it is best if you find a place like the one we mentioned where you can order everything the way you need it. All parts are changeable and you can get everything the way you want them to suit the place.

Where can this be suitable?

If you have an open space like an empty room and the first thing you’re about to get is this one, you can do whatever you want. There are no limitations. But, if you’re space is limited, you have to think about custom designs and ordering parts that will be made especially for you.

For example, if you only have a few inches to make a wardrobe case, you must order these dimensions from a place that makes furniture by ordering. Or, when you want to fill the empty space under the stairs, you need to get all the parts by the exact line of height and width. See some ideas about this on the link.

Some of these ideas can only be put into practice this way. There’s no line of products that will make the things you want. However, the custom made companies who do things the way you order them can be really helpful. They are the ones that fill in the spaces that no one else can.


Choosing the proper material

Before ordering, as we said, you need to do proper research and understand what exactly you need and want. Some of the best materials are hickory wood, oak, cherry, and others. Of course, all these come by a higher price and you can always get something that more affordable.

Depending on what you plan to store inside, you can choose the type of material. If you’re about to store liquids that might spill from time to time, it’s best to get some of the more expensive materials that can hold more water without getting ruined.

If you don’t what to do, you can do the following. You can choose the best options at -moebels op maat. It’s a Dutch company that offers to create your design and ordering it from them. What you want, they’ll make it and deliver it to you in pieces with a construction manual.

This saves a lot of money and also makes the shipping possible. Imagine how much you’ll have to pay for the delivery if they get you a full assembled cupboard that is huge? This way, you get to receive all the parts, an instruction that will show you how to make everything right, and you’ll have it done in no time-saving lots of money.


These things above should be enough to explain why it’s best to get custom-made cupboards. They will be placed perfectly wherever you need them and you’ll make the perfect choice by doing this.

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