How to Relocate Big Furniture with proper safety?

Packing and moving can be a long, chaotic and a laborious process, that would at one time feel like a mundane never-ending process. We tend to start packing from one room and move on and leave the big furniture like sofa, table, and so on for the packers and movers to come and pack, and then to load it in a moving truck. Moving furniture is a huge chore especially if you haven’t moved or shifted it before. Small spaces to turn, low clearance, the absence of a lift and other hindrances will come your way. You can get injured in the process, or your beloved belongings can get damaged during this process. Hence, you must take precautions to avoid any accidents.

Relocate Big Furniture

Here are some ways where you can relocate large furniture without hurting yourself and the furniture, if you hire packers and movers Pune:

Carry all Tall furniture using correct lifting techniques:

A tall cupboard can’t be lifted by just one person, as it will be hard, awkward and also you can get hurt. It is a 2 man job, where one man tips the cupboard backwards at an angle so one person can support the top and the other can support at the bottom. This way the load is distributed equally, and no one gets hurt. And the centre of gravity of the item doesn’t shift. Transporting the item either up or down will also be easier since the angle at which you carry will be the same as the angle of the stairs.

Use moving materials to help you make the job faster and easier:

Furniture Dolly:

A furniture dolly is a back saver, as it reduces strain on your body, so you’ll not injure yourself. It is the most efficient and useful tool while moving.

Furniture Slider:

These are designed to protect surfaces, and it makes the move of the furniture smoother without damaging the floor. This is beneficial, so you can protect your floor and the furniture.

Moving Straps:

They are designed to take away the load from the lifters back and onto your legs and other muscle groups. They are strong and can lift very heavyweights, making it easier for you to transport heavy furniture. Most professional packers and movers Kharadi Pune use straps to transport.

Shoulder Dolly:

These are perfectly designed to move the strain from your back to other stronger muscles of your body, like shoulders and legs. It is very convenient to carry a couch or other pieces of furniture. It leaves your arms free to manoeuvre around tight corners. The only disadvantage can be when you are using it down the stairs, as the person below gets all the load on him.

Make couches to stand for easier transport:

Couches nowadays is very grand looking and big, so moving them will be a bit of a hassle. It will be hard for them to manoeuvre it from your house to the moving truck. Many people do not know the correct lifting technique and end up damaging the couch or hurting themselves in the process. The best way is to place them upright, in this position it is easier to navigate them, and the weight is perfectly balanced so you won’t have to struggle so much.

Wrap the furniture to protect them:

You can have plastic cling-wrap to wrap all your furniture so they will not sustain any damage. It is also best it you use blankets or any such packing material, like bubble wrap, to cushion the furniture, and if in the extreme case that it falls, the bubble wrap will take the damage and the cushion will walk from the incident unharmed.

Dismantle whatever you can:

When you are shifting your dresser cabinet, and since it is heavy, you are huffing and puffing to lift it, remember that it would be easier if it were a bit lighter. It will also be easy to manoeuvre if it is smaller, take off the supporting legs at the bottom, remove the drawers, remove the mirror and transport it separately. This way you don’t have to strain yourself too quickly and your furniture will be safe.

Follow proper Lifting Techniques:

In the hustle and bustle and through all the chaos we forget to lift properly, this may have its repercussion, we might injure our back, and have searing pain for days on end, we could also have a ligament tear that might near an operation and so on. Hence you would want to slide, push the heavy furniture, more than you should lift it. However, when you come across a staircase or when you have to load it in a truck, the above methods automatically become null and void and you have to lift it, but while doing so, do not overstrain yourself. Always prioritize your safety, and do not do anything irrational, that might cost your health, here are some ways that you can minimize strain on your back with these lifting techniques,

Bend your knees, and not your back:

Almost all of us have either been to a gym or have tried to lift something heavy. In the gym, our trainer will always bark an order “Use your knees” when we are doing heavy deadlifts and try to lift it with our back, this rule applies here as well, do not use your back to lift heavy items. Use your legs, make sure that they take all the load, this frees your back and doesn’t put much strain on it. When you lifting the furniture, squat on your knees and lift it, so the whole pressure will come on your legs and arms.

Don’t twist your body while you are lifting or carrying:

This happens to me a lot when I am at the gym doing deadlifts, and I am on my last legs but I still want to go that extra distance, so to lift the weight, my body twists a little to adjust the load, and that is when from behind my trainer shouts at me. When you are lifting, keep your body as still as possible, do not twist or make any such fast movements or twist your body, as this can lead to injuries, and you don’t want to be injured on your moving day.

And lastly,

You are not completely stress-free until all your furniture is in the moving truck, it reaches your new home, and all the furniture has been unloaded safely. To avoid this chaotic and mundane situation have a plan of loading and unloading your furniture properly, and also to let the packers and movers know where you want which furniture to be kept, this will save you lots of time and energy, arranging the furniture, where you can be focusing your time on other aspects.

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