How to Rid your Home of Rodents

Rats and mice are hardly little creatures that have shared our homes since time began, and should you suspect that your home is infested with rodents, it can be a challenge to remove them. Many homeowners in the UK are totally unaware that they are sharing their living space with rats and mice, and it is only the tell-tale droppings that first give any clue that mice are in the house.

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Home Remedies

Introducing a cat into the environment will certainly bring results, although as we see so often with the Tom & Jerry cartoons, it isn’t always the feline that triumphs. Keeping a spotlessly clean kitchen might just be enough to encourage an exodus, and while putting down traps and poison will help to limit their numbers, this very rarely eliminates them all, and you only need a single breeding pair to boost their numbers again.

Professional Pest Control

Using the reviewed pest control services in Boston is the recommended solution, as this will ensure that:

  1. All rodents are Exterminated
  2. Steps are Taken to Prevent a Return
  3. Clean and Thorough Extermination

Range of Rodent Control Solutions

Prior to making a recommendation, the pest control officer would first carry out a detailed survey of the property, which will enable him to select the most effective solution. Every situation is unique in many respects, and in order to choose the most effective control system, it is necessary to carry out a survey.

If you are sharing your home with rodents, rather than trying to eradicate them yourself, you are best advised to call in the pest control experts.

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