Introduction Of Kid’s Bed and Choosing Method


Reference Size for Kid’s Bed

The reference bed size for kid bellow 5 years old is: 1000 to 1200 mm in length, 650 to 750 mm in width, about 400 mm in height. The bed size for kid above 5 years old is similar to adult bed size: 1920 mm in length, 800mm, 900 mm or 1000 mm in width, 400 to 440 mm in height.

Pay attention to the interval between bottom plate of bed and floor when choose elevated bed. Usually the clear height of elevated bed should not less than 950 mm so that it can provide enough activity range for kid.

Bed can grow with Kid

As large piece in dream bedrooms, it is impossible to change bed frequently. But kid grows constantly. Kid’s bed may be small after two or three years. Therefore bed that can grow with kid is always what parents want. Adjustable bed at angelosepoxyflooring with foldable headboard and bed board can satisfy the different needs of kid in different age.

Elevated Bed

If the kid’s bedroom is small, elevated bed can make full use of limited space – the upper layer as sleeping space and the lower space as recreational place, which can store all kinds of toys and is convenient for senior or baby-sitter to take care of kids. But for kids who are restless, guard bar can protection them from accident.

Bed can Combine Freely

Bed can turn into different shape according to the different grow period of kids is good choice for kids room – elevated bed, bunk bed, I shaped bed. At the same time, bed can also combine free with slide, desk, wardrobe, bookcase, tent etc. This can create fresh look for kids, which satisfy the curiosity for kids.

Bed with Storage Function

Kids in 3 to 6 years old have many toys and clothes. Therefore, storage function is a must consideration for parents when choosing bed. Bed with drawer and storage cabinet can store clothes, toys, bedding and off-season items.

How to Choose Kid’s Bed?

Safety Comes First

Pay attention to the sharp corner of kid’s bed. The bed should suit the height of kid – convenient for kid to go to and get off bed. Another advantage of low bed is that kid will not be hurt seriously when fall off from bed accidentally. As kid is active and full of curiosity, it is easy to have accident. Therefore, safety is important point for parents to consider.

1 Avoid sharp corner and angle on kid’s bed. All the corner should have child proof treatment.

2 kid’s bed corner should be smooth.

The Firmness of Bed

Kid is active. They like to bounce up and down on bed. The bed should be firm and there is no collapse danger. Try to choose durable bed from Check whether the bed is connected firmly at fixed period.

The Environmental Protection Performance of Kid’s Bed

At present, the material used for kid’s bed has wood, artificial board, plastic and aluminum alloy etc. Wood is the best material for producing kid’s furniture – natural and will not release harmful material for human. Paint should be lead free, non-toxic, no stimulation smell.


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