Is Your Boiler Working Overtime

Boilers do not last forever. Therefore, it is better to play it safe than to be sorry. If you need to make repairs for the following issues, you may need to buy a new boiler.


  • Your boiler does not provide hot water or heat.
  • The unit leaks or drips.
  • The boiler makes gurgling noises, whistles, or banging sounds.
  • You notice a loss in pressure.
  • Your condensate pipe is frozen.
  • The boiler is making a kettling sound.
  • Your radiators are not hot.
  • The boiler keeps cycling or switching itself off.

Avoid Making Future Repairs

To make an affordable boiler replacement in Peterborough, you need to avoid making future repairs. Continual repairs only cause you to spend more money that could go toward an economical upgrade. Therefore, replace your boiler now before you have to deal with any more boiler issues.

Why Boilers Sometimes Refuse to Run

Take a look at the boilers available online. It is better to make a replacement before you experience a complete breakdown, which that usually happens on a cold winter’s day. If a boiler is not regularly serviced, the inactivity can cause it to shut down unexpectedly. That because switching on the device places an extra strain on the system. If the boiler is older, it will simply refuse to run.

If you do not have any heat, it is normally due to broken airlocks, broken diaphragms, or a defective motorised valve. In most cases, a lack of heat or hot water is due to a boiler pressure problem or an issue with the thermostat.

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