Is Your Hot Water Boiler on the Blink

The boiler is at the heart of many homes and provides hot water for bathing, showering, and washing. Most people don’t really think about it too much until it breaks down. At this point, you might depend on the kind nature of family and friends to get you through when it comes to having a hot shower, but eventually you’ll need to have the issue fixed.

Hot Water Boiler

When to Call out a Plumber

The good news is that if your boiler is on the blink, professional plumbing services in Teignmouth can replace or repair your unit. So, how do you know when to call them? Consider the following signs that you might need to call a plumber for your boiler:

  • Leaking water: It’s not uncommon for the internal tank of a boiler to become corrupted. When this happens, water can leak, drip, and pool around the unit. If you notice any of this, it’s time to call a local plumber to diagnose the problem.
  • Erratic temperatures: Has your hot water been running cold lately? Are you finding that it takes longer for the water in your home to heat up? This could be a sign that there’s something wrong with the boiler.

Trust Your Local Plumber

Plumbers do all kinds of work, from fixing taps to replacing bad boilers. If you have a boiler than isn’t running well, it might be time to call your local plumber so that they can have a look.



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