Keeping Cool in the Hot Summer Months

Australia is a great place to live but it can also get very hot during the summer in many parts of the country. Over the years, there have been huge public education campaigns on using sunscreen products to keep from being sunburned but this doesn’t keep most people from getting out and enjoying the sun. There are even hot weather policies at most schools, should the summer temperatures ever soar above a comfortable point.

The hot weather can certainly take the sheen off an otherwise nice day, especially if you have people around for a gathering. So how can you keep everyone safe from the damaging sun and ensure that everyone also has a good time?

Why You Should Install Shade Sails

Shade sails have become very popular with both homeowners and businesses in recent years in this country. In fact, many schools install them in order to provide the children with more shade and protection from the sun’s damaging rays. Shade sails themselves are not too difficult to find but it’s important to get one that is rated for our Australian summer.

It is also important to ensure that all of the eye bolts that come with it are stainless steel and weatherproof. You may be tempted by a cheaper shade sail and eye bolt price but it is the type of outdoor addition that will need to be able to stand up to all sorts of weather, especially if left in place all year.

The Benefits of a Shade Sail

Whether it is installed at home in the garden, at a school, or in the city centre, a good-quality shade sail provides the following benefits:

  • Shade: First and foremost, a shade sail is not doing its job if it’s not providing good shade. This is why most people have them installed and why schools like to install them over playgrounds and other areas where children tend to gather in large groups. The statistics on skin cancer in Australia are frightening and so much of it starts with too much exposure to the sun. UV-resistant shade sails installed in the right areas can really make a difference when it comes to sun exposure.
  • Visuals: Did you know that a set of lovely-looking shade sails around your home can actually improve its selling price? There are not too many other home improvements that you can make so cheaply that will have such a big impact!
  • Costs: Surprisingly, shade sails installed around the home can actually reduce your home cooling costs. A UV-resistant shade sail can keep that harsh sun from the window and help to stop your home from heating up so quickly in the summer months.
  • Protection: Did you know that the sun can actually harm outdoor sections of your home that are exposed to it, including painted areas? Over time, paint can crack, peel, and fade. A shade sail can help to prevent this.

Shade sails are a great way to protect our delicate skin from the harsh sun in the summer time. They can spruce up an outdoor entertainment area, help to protect children on a playground, or even provide valuable cover to people around town.

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