Limestone Fireplaces are the New Trend

Adding a fireplace is a great way to add character to you home. A fireplace gives a room a warm and cosy feeling, as well as a touch of familiar traditionalism. Although there are many different materials to choose from for fireplaces, a great one in particular is limestone. There are so many different kinds of limestone available, which means that you can easily find one to suit your style and complement your home. Find a company today that specialises in limestone fireplaces to begin considering all your options and planning for a new addition to your home.

Wide Selection

When looking for a company that offers limestone fireplaces, make sure to find one that has a wide selection to ensure that you can find the perfect type of limestone that will fit perfectly in your house and match your personal style. Some examples of different types of limestone include Portland limestone, which has a light grey colour and is used in buildings such as Buckingham Palace; Bath limestone, which comes in a cream colour; and Cotswold limestone, a honey yellow-looking stone. Because there are so many different kinds of limestone to choose from, be sure to use a company that operates a showroom so you can see all these different options up close. Don’t settle for pictures; make sure you get the right type of limestone fireplace for you by inspecting them in person.

Expert Advice

Choosing a new fireplace is not an easy task due to all of the options, styles, and prices you can choose from. When looking for limestone fireplaces in Moreton-in-Marsh make sure to find a supplier that can offer you expert advice to make the process much easier. They’ll be able to take a look at your house, listen to your desires, and consider your style preferences to recommend the best possible style and material for your new fireplace. Some fireplace companies even stock reclaimed limestone. This is a great option to consider because it may have a unique, antique charm to it and possibly a lower price. If you can’t find a material or style that fits exactly what you’re looking for, the fireplace experts will also be able to make a custom design just for you.

If you’re looking to add character to your home, consider adding a fireplace! A new fireplace will add warmth to your home not just from its fire, but also by its cosy charm. Limestone is a great material to consider for a fireplace because of its versatility and uniqueness. When choosing a company to help you choose and install a fireplace, make sure they offer a wide selection of limestone options and employ limestone and fireplace experts to ensure that you get the perfect fireplace to suit your needs and your style. Call today for more information!

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