Modern Solutions for Garage Doors

Garage Doors

If you haven’t thought about changing your garage doors at all, it might be time to consider replacing the old system, which has probably seen better days, and with modern motorised roller doors, you can say goodbye to that daily ritual of getting out of the car to open the garage doors. In reality, garage doors must endure some serious punishment from the wind and rain, and the delicate tracking system can easily become misaligned, causing the doors to jam.

Remote Control

Of course, if you are planning to change your garage doors anytime soon, you really should opt for a motorised solution with full remote control. Simply press the button as you approach your property and you will be able to drive straight into the garage, which is great in heavy rain. For those who live in the UK, there are insulated roller shutter garage doors from the experts at Autoroll, an online supplier of quality roller shutter doors for both the domestic and commercial sectors.

Motorised Units

The days of manually opening your garage doors are fast becoming a faded memory, and with the latest generation of insulated garage doors, a smooth movement is assured. Full remote control makes the daily routine a breeze, and with safety devices that stop the doors if there is an obstruction, the unit operates with hardly any noise.

Thermal Insulation

If your garage is connected to the home, you could lose a lot of heat through the garage door, and in that case, it is advised to have thermally insulated garage doors fitted. Foam filled doors ensure your valuable heat is not lost and with the strength and smooth finish of aluminium, your garage will no longer be a cold place in the winter months.

Range of Colours

Powder coated aluminium means zero maintenance and with an extensive catalogue of colours, you will find something perfect to enhance the look of your home. There are also steel garage doors that offer similar qualities, and with made to measure options, it is easy to create a perfect fit, whatever the size of your garage. If your home has a rustic appearance there are faux wood grain finishes to make the doors blend perfectly with the character of the property.

DIY Solutions

Modern garage doors are quite easy to install, and with the units made to your specifications and an easy to follow instruction booklet, you can save a considerable amount by self-installing. The supplier would ideally be able to deliver nationwide, and with their own fleet of vehicles, the garage door unit will arrive in perfect condition. Once the preparations have been made, installing the doors would typically be completed in a single day, and your new motorised system will come into effect.

Roller shutter garage doors are the most cost effective way of securing the garage and with motorised solutions offering remote control, you have the ultimate in luxury.

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