Moving Hacks You Should Know About

Preparing to move often brings out a lot of difficulties! There are a bunch of issues that can easily go wrong, and we can end up having a lot of problems. Fortunately for you, we came together and wrote an article about all the moving hacks you should know about. This way you will turn a problematic relocation process into an easy one! Use our guide and you will finish your moving in no time at all!

Moving hacks you should know about include careful planning

Like with all things we want to do and accomplish, we can’t do them without having a plan. The first thing you have to do before you commit to relocation is made a plan. Furthermore, you should divide the tasks within the plan by how much time you need to finish them. For example, try to categorize them as such:

  • A couple of months before the relocation. This is the perfect time to find local moving specialists in Lincoln Park. During this period you will have to search for reliable moving companies, and that will take quite some time.
  • Weeks prior to the move is where you need to get packing supplies and purge those items you do not need. It is very important to declutter your home before you move. Search for the items you do not use anymore and throw them away, donate or better yet, sell them on a yard sale. You can earn money by organizing a garage sale!
  • Days before relocation are reserved for paperwork! Here you will call your utility companies and arrange disconnections from their services. Also, you will have to inform your local post office and police station about your new address.
  • Moving day is reserved for final preparations and small tasks. This is just the time to wait for the moving company to arrive and load the items to the moving truck.

Having a plan will give you a much-needed advantage during the relocation period. Why? Because you can schedule your time to complete the tasks! And, if some issues happen, you can solve them in time. Having a plan is one of the most important moving hacks you should know about!image3

What to do if you do not have a plan?

In case something does go wrong, there is still hope to do it right! Not having a plan happens from time to time and people do get few troubles because of it. But, do not worry about it! Since there are a lot of good guides online we worked out a small system of things you should do in case of a fast relocation:

  • Searching for a reliable moving company is easier if you have recommendations from friends. You can read the customers feedbacks and see if the company is good enough for your money. Positive feedbacks are a good indication that the company is fully professional and know what they are doing. This is especially important when moving in a hurry and do not have any time to waste!
  • Find and collect boxes by visiting bookstores, groceries and other stored that use boxes. They will most likely give them for free to you, so you do not have to buy new ones.
  • Try to enlist the help of your friends! Every time people move in short notice, they make several mistakes that can cost them! Well, you do not have to be one of those folks! Just ask your closest friends and relatives to help you with any issue you have!
  • If you can’t find movers, renting a truck is a good idea. If you need a small van then great, for anything else, you will need a moving truck.

Moving hacks you should know about include a lot of things! But, these small steps here will help you if you don’t have enough time to move!

Packing clothes

The first thing people commit to when relocating is packing their clothes! This can turn from very easy to rather a difficult situation in just a moment! Now, to avoid this issue you can use several tips and tricks we will provide you with here. First things first, decide what clothes should be packed properly and what doesn’t. In fact, if you do not own that many things like formal suits, dresses and other expensive things, you can simply put them in bags. Now, if you are packing old clothes then you can use regular garbage bags. Simply put them in and pack them as such. On the other hand, expensive clothes that need to be packed properly need other things. Hanging bags are one of the moving hacks you should know about. Especially hanging vacuum bags or just regular vacuum bags. They will suck up the air from the bags and clothes and save you almost 70% of space during the relocation. Also, they are a great choice if you want to preserve your clothes in a good condition during the relocation period.

Pack fragile items with care

Fragiles are one of the items you need to take special care when packing them! They can easily break and damage other things in your possession! Which is why it is a good idea to use any sort of wrapping material when packing them. Your household items should suffice enough for them. Use items such as socks, old t-shirts, blankets and pillows as pads. Also, the newspaper is one of the best wrapping materials you can use when packing glassware. Simply put them around the item and you are good to go!

Few moving hacks you should know about can provide you with overall information you need to commit a successful relocation! But, we believe we thought of every good general relocation advice and presented them with you! If you think we missed something, leave a comment in the comment section down below!

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