Negotiate Your Office Rental Contract Before Agreeing to Renew It

When your lease is about to end, you need to decide if your office space is still the best place to continue your work, or you need to move out. Before you choose, you need to ask yourself if you’re still happy working there. You also need to ask your employees if they feel the same way. If everyone is okay about remaining, the next step is to negotiate with your landlord.

Negotiate Your Office Rental Contract Before Agreeing to Renew It

Months before the expiry, you need to speak with your landlord. Inform him that you intend to renew the lease, but you wish to negotiate the terms first. Start by discussing the new rate. You need to get the same rate or a slightly lower rate depending on the market price. If your landlord agrees to your offer, you might consider staying. However, if the landlord gives you a firm no to your request, you might have no choice but to leave. A drastic increase in your monthly rental could take a toll on your business. Besides, you can find another place that will give you a better office space for the same amount that your landlord is proposing.

Extend the lease for a while

If you intend to leave soon, but not now, you can negotiate with your landlord too. You can agree to a slight increase in the rental provided that you don’t need to sign a contract for several years. You just need to buy some time so you can finally find the right office where everyone will feel satisfied working.

Evaluate your relationship with the landlord

Over the years, have you had a good relationship with the landlord? When you made requests for repairs or maintenance, did the landlord respond right away? If no, there’s no point in staying. You can move on to another place where you can find a landlord who will treat you better. You need someone responsive if you have requests, mainly if the issue affects your regular business operations.

On the other hand, if you feel satisfied with what’s going on, and you think that your relationship is okay, you can continue the lease.

Take your time to determine what you want moving forward. There are instances when you have no choice but to move when you have a growing company, and you can’t continue working in the same place anymore. Even if you would love to stay, you can’t. It wouldn’t work well for your business.

If you’re ready to leave, you can consider end of tenancy cleaning London companies offer. You need to get the place in perfect condition before leaving. You don’t want your landlord to complain about your stay and damage your relationship. You made it this far without any issues. You should end the lease on a positive note.

Hopefully, you can find the perfect place to move to and start a new chapter with your business where everyone feels happy and satisfied.

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