Order Your Traditional Christmas Tree Early

The best type of tree to order for Christmas decorating is the Norway spruce. In fact, this species is a favourite tree amongst both Christmas tree growers and buyers. The tree grows from 40 metres to 65 metres in height. In older trees, the diameter can assume a width of .60 metres. The trees are shaped triangularly and exhibit a dark green crown. The needles are four-sided and about 3.8 centimetres long. Gain more information on Norway Spruce tree’s.

At the base of each needle is a projection that is twig-like in appearance. Called sterigmata, this projection remains after the needle is gone. Sometimes Norway spruces are confused with fir trees. However, there are differences. While spruces display rectangular needles, the needles on firs are flat.

Also, the cones on a spruce hang down while the cones on firs remain standing up on the stem. Because they hang down, spruce cones fall from the tree while the cones on fir trees eventually disintegrate.

Where Norway Spruces Grow

You can order traditional Christmas trees in Northampton that are high-quality Norway spruces. The tree grows over an expanded range in Europe from Scandinavia (its home) to the Alps. The cool-climate tree is found at elevations from 1,005 metres to 2,286 metres in height. It is often chosen for decorating at Christmas as it lasts longer than other trees.

When setting up a live Christmas tree, you need to remember that watering is a critical part of its care. Therefore, add water to the tree stand and keep the stand filled. Never allow the water to go below the tree’s base.

Make sure that you keep the tree away from heat sources such as radiators or ductwork. If you set up the tree in a room that is cooler, it will do better overall. If you want to use your tree after Christmas, you may want to prop up the tree in the garden next to a bird feeder to attract winter birds. You might also think about stringing the tree with bird-friendly fare such as cranberries, orange slices, bread, or suet.

Use the Branches and Needles for Mulch

The branches and the needles can be used as mulch in the garden, or the tree can be established as a base for a brush pile. Use the boughs of the tree to shelter evergreens or safeguard them from the cold and snow.

The Norway spruce, also referred to as Picea abies, will never lose its Christmas appeal in the UK. This traditional British tree is the same one that is erected at 10 Downing Street and Trafalgar Square each Christmas. The distinctive pine fragrance is a scent that is embedded in the Christmas memories of many people in the UK.

The Norway spruce, when set up in the home, is typically a height of about two metres. However, some of the trees are as high as 2.7 metres. Therefore, the tree presents a striking appearance, especially when it is decorated with tinsel and bulbs. If you want to avoid disappointment, make sure that you place your order for the tree early. That way, you will have a better chance of getting the tree you want.

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