Parts of the Roof That May Need Repairs or Replacement


Although it isn’t always necessary, you may want to consider replacing the gutters when the roof of your home is being repaired or replaced. If the gutters sag in spots, the gutters are old, or water overflows them when it rains, then they need to be replaced. In addition, the fascia and soffits may need to be repaired or replaced as well.

Repairing Soffits

A soffit connects the side of the house to the part of the roof that overhangs it. When you look up, the underside of the roof’s overhang is the soffit. Some houses don’t have them or they can be damaged by exposure, which can cause rotting.

Without soffits, the rafters of the roof would be exposed to heat, cold, and rain. If your house doesn’t have soffits, Nottingham roofers can install them. Along with soffits, they can also repair the fascia of a roof.

Fascia Repairs

The fascia of a roof helps to cover the end of the rafters and it’s where guttering is installed. Similar to soffits, without fascia, the roof rafters would be exposed to the weather and could easily be damaged. Over time, the fascia can be damaged by exposure to damp weather and they can rot.

This can cause the guttering to fall because the wood cannot hold the gutter’s screws or nails. Even though your roof may be fine, if the soffits or fascia boards are rotted, they need to be replaced.

Replacing Gutters

If the gutters of your house are in bad shape, they need to be replaced to prevent water from getting into the foundation of your house. If water overflows the gutters or the downspouts are too short, rainwater will soak into the ground next to your house and eventually damage the foundation. Foundation damage costs several thousand pounds to fix; replacing the gutters is less expensive.

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